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Playing with fire… or ice. Introducing Atlas Cruises’ wide variety of itineraries

Author: Daniel Edward

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When you want to travel further and deeper – away from the typical tourist traps and crowds – an Atlas expedition cruise is the answer you’re waiting for. And with their range of itineraries there’s something for all tastes, hot or cold

You may not have heard of Atlas Ocean Voyages yet, and – believe me – that’s a good thing. If you’re tired of fighting the crowds in every port of call, or queuing to join the queue for breakfast on one of those mega-ships, then it’s time you explored the world at a different pace… in style.

Atlas Ocean Voyages is relatively new on the cruise scene, having been sailing now for around four years, and in that time, they’ve made a real impact in the quality expedition market.

Sail with no more than 194 other guests, on a purpose build luxury yacht where the crew-to-guest ratio is almost one-to-one, and you’ll instantly realise that this is the style of cruise experience you’ve been longing for.

Every cruise with Atlas Ocean Voyages is the embodiment of one of their three brand pillars: Polar Expeditions, Epicurean Expeditions, or Cultural Expeditions.

This way, you can look forward to a greater depth of immersion on your next voyage. Not only will you visit breathtaking destinations, but the cruise will be geared towards your interests, making it an even more captivating experience.

Traditional expedition ship meets luxury yacht in Atlas Ocean Voyages’ small fleet of vessels. Credit: Atlas

Head to the Arctic
Atlas Ocean Voyages’ Polar Expeditions head exactly where you’d expect them to…. The north and south poles. Two of the most extreme and remote locations on the whole planet.

What an enormous treat to sail serenely in the shadow of a monumental iceberg, the cacophony of penguins bouncing off the walls of ice around you. Antarctica features on countless bucket lists, and yet remains perhaps the least visited place on Earth.

With all three ships in the White Continent for the Antarctic summer, Atlas offers everything from a five day introduction to the Antarctic Peninsula, up a to a jaw-dropping 18 night expedition, departing January 16, 2025 that takes in The Falklands, South Georgia, the South Orkey Islands and King George Island, in addition to the Antarctic Peninsula itself. This is the stuff of true adventurers.

If it’s the Arctic Circle, in the Northern Hemisphere that interests you, with Iceland, Norway, Greenland and Canada all reaching into this fabled region, the World Voyager offers a 12-night expedition from Reykjavik to Longyearbyen.

After taking in the rugged beauty of Greenland, head to the famed Svalbard to witness some of the amazing wildlife and awe-inspiring vistas that are unique to this region. With most of the voyage in the Arctic Circle, there’s also a chance of witnessing the majestic Northern Lights.

And with your ship’s captain given more freedom than other lines to adjust the itinerary to enhance your experience, every voyage is uniquely interesting.

Join an Arctic expedition cruise with Atlas Ocean Voyages. Credit: Shutterstock

The most delicious sun-kissed cuisines
For warm weather cruisers, perhaps an Epicurean Expedition around the Mediterranean is the ultimate choice. With some of the best growing conditions anywhere, the Mediterranean climate lends itself to exquisite cuisine.

Your onboard experience will be enhanced by specially-invited gastronomic experts (on every single Mediterranean sailing), who generously share their passion and knowledge with you throughout the journey. In port, the enrichment continues, for example with access to Academia Barilla, one of the leading culinary names in Italy.

For an ideal blend of destinations and flavours, World Traveller offers a nine-night Nice to Venice expedition, departing on May 27, 2024. The voyage builds to a pinnacle moment at the end with an overnight stay in Venice – something off-limits to the larger mass-market ships. A definite benefit of Atlas Ocean Voyages’ luxury yacht-style ships.

Another standout sailing onboard World Traveller is the early summer Venice to Athens expedition (departing June 5, 2024), which ventures the length of the Adriatic Sea, calling in Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Corfu, before transiting the Corinth Canal on the way to Piraeus (for Athens).

Italy's famous floating city never disappoints. Credit: Shutterstock

Venture further and embrace global cultures
Whether it’s in Europe, the Caribbean or South America, Atlas Ocean Voyages’ class and style elevate your experience of the cultures you’re visiting.

The Caribbean is the centre of the cruise world, and you might think you’ve ‘been there, done that’, but a Cultural Expedition to these sun-drenched islands offers a new perspective on the beach paradises that we all think we know, and many more that so many of us have never visited.

You could even join World Navigator on October 14, 2024 and take a 13-night sailing from Las Palmas to Rio – an epic expedition that truly showcases the breadth of options when sailing with Atlas Ocean Voyages.

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