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Six smart ways to sleep soundly onboard

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Having a good night's sleep is key to getting the most enjoyment out of your cruising experience. So that's why we've compiled some top tips to keep you well-rested and ready for fun.

Number one

All ships’ deck plans are online, so take a good look at your cabin before you book. What’s above, below and next-door?

Unless you’re a total night owl, you won’t want to be near a theatre or club. Avoid rooms right next to the lift, and try to find one at the end of a corridor, where you won’t be disturbed by latecomers passing your door

Number two

We all love a cabin with a balcony, but if you’re a sensitive sleeper, an inside cabin might be a better bet.

With no morning sunshine coming in through the curtains, you’ll sleep for longer and you’ll save £££s into the bargain. Result!

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Number three

If you suffer from sea sickness, try to book a cabin on a lower deck in the middle of the ship.

That way you’ll get the smoothest journey and the best chance of a restful night’s sleep. And read our guide to the best sea sickness pills to stay happy and healthy on your cruise.

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Number four

Even a small amount of light or noise can stop you sleeping, so if you’re serious about getting your 40 winks, wear an eye mask and earplugs (the silicone type are much more effective than foam or wax).

It won’t be your most seductive look ever, but you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without them.

Sleep peacefully when you use an eye mask and ear-plugs. Credit: Shutterstock

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Number five

Not too hard and not too soft, the perfect pillow makes all the difference.

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But no two sleepers (or pillows) are quite the same, so ask your steward to find one that suits you. Most ships will do this at no extra charge.

Number six

Try using a sleeping app. We like Slumber, which offers various ways to help you nod off, from meditations and bedtime stories to sleep-inducing soundscapes such as rain or the sound of the sea. It’s free for 10 episodes, then US$60 per year for full access (

Tranquil sleeping apps can help you nod off and get that essential restful slumber. Credit: Shutterstock
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