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Jane McDonald Opens Up About Why She's Never Had Children

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Jane McDonald has opened up about why she's never had any children, revealing the poignant reason her and ex-husband Henrik chose not to have kids

Jane McDonald is one of the most popular faces on British television, having had a long and successful career as a cruise ship performer turned singer turned broadcaster.

The star has an army of fans thanks to shows like Cruising with Jane McDonald and Jane McDonald's Weekends away, she also has a fiancé who she has been with since 2007.

Despite having been married, the loveable singer and presenter doesn't have any children, something she's spoken openly about in the past.

Now, Jane has revealed the reason why she never had children, detailing the circumstances in her 2019 autobiography, Riding the Waves.

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Jane has been with her current partner Eddie since 2007

In her book, Jane McDonald wrote: "Henrik and I once talked about having children but there wasn't room for babies in his plans for me. I began to feel lonely in my marriage."

Henrik was Jane's first husband, and the two met when they were young and working together on a cruise ship.

Jane was a performer and Henrik a plumbing engineer, and their romance blossomed.

Henrik went onto become Jane's manager in 1998 after the two married, a move which also has been linked to the couple's divorce.

"Your manager is your boss and tells you what to do, what to wear and who to be, so our relationship changed," Jane wrote.

"I loved him with all my heart, but felt he'd stopped looking at me as a wife. I became a product."

The Cruising With star wrote that she "lost confidence and became introverted", which led to her eventually firing her husband as her manager. Jane recently revealed that their marriage ended so that her career could be saved.

The two split in 2003, and Jane has since rekindled the relationship with her teenage boyfriend Eddie, with the two now engaged.

Jane and Eddie spent lockdown together at their home, and it seems the two are as strong as ever.

In a recent episode of Jane McDonald's Weekends Away, lovesick Jane revealed she was a tad lonely without her "other half" Eddie, who was not with her while she explored the gorgeous island of Malta.

Jane said: “This is my perfect night, the only thing missing for me is my other half. This is just such a romantic place. Everywhere you look it’s a beautiful view, they’ve got fine wines, they’ve got great food. I love it here. Cheers to Malta.”

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