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The singer and actor on Cunard, travelling with his kids, and why there's no place like home

What was your first cruise holiday and where did you go?
Believe it or not, I’ve never been on a cruise holiday before, but I can definitely see the attraction of a cruise – it’s all there in front of you and someone else does the driving.

What would be your ideal cruise and destination?
I love travelling and I love the heat, so the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or somewhere like French Polynesia would be ideal.

Who would be your ideal cruise travelling companion and why?
My kids – if we could all agree on where to go. A cruise would allow us to spend quality time together while also getting to explore new destinations.

What do you like to eat and drink at sea?
I love my food, especially seafood and anything pan Asian. Drink wise, depending on what I’m eating, a good quality wine always hits the spot – as does a glass or two of champagne if the occasion warrants it.

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Which destinations are still on your bucket-list and why?
I’m quite lucky in that because of what I do for a living, I’ve been to many, many places and most of them have been fantastic. However having had the chance to be back in Australia last year and now again this year, I can say that it’s always good to get home to the sunshine and be by the coast.

What one thing would make your travel life easier?
It all depends on the mode of transport and the destination. Out of season is always a good time to travel, as I prefer it when there are fewer queues and the people facilitating your travel are still feeling helpful and attentive.

What’s your top travel tip?
Take your own pillow!

Why did you take up the chance to collaborate with Cunard?
I was delighted that Cunard asked me to come and perform on the ship while it was docked in Sydney. They kindly asked me to come and cruise with all their wonderful guests, but my schedule wouldn’t allow it. Hopefully I will be back onboard at some point.

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