Why choose Cairo

Cairo, a city where the sands of time whisper tales of millennia, welcomes you with the majestic Pyramids of Giza, an enduring testament to ancient engineering marvels. As the backdrop of numerous films, including the 007 classic "The Spy Who Loved Me," Cairo offers a cinematic escape into a realm of mystery and intrigue. The climate, marked by sunny days and clear, starlit nights, sets a perfect stage for exploring this metropolis, where authenticity outshines the familiar tourist trails, offering a true gateway to understanding the depths of human endeavors across ages.

Find your perfect cruise!

Book your voyage to Cairo with renowned cruise lines that provide unforgettable excursions along the Nile. As you drift past landscapes that have seen the dawn of civilization, you'll have the opportunity to disembark and wander through realms of ancient rulers and timeless monuments. These excursions not only promise scenic beauty but also a profound connection to a lineage of human achievements, awaiting your discovery in every corner of this storied city.

Cairo’s markets are a paradise for the adventurous palate, offering dishes seasoned with unique spices and herbs like sumac and saffron, which are rare in Western cuisine. Here, you don’t need courage to savor the likes of stuffed pigeon or molokhia; these dishes are as delightful as they are distinctive, providing a taste of local life that can't be replicated elsewhere. Begin your culinary journey with Koshari, a hearty blend of lentils, rice, pasta, and crispy onions, topped with a zesty tomato sauce, a beloved street food staple.

Standing as a beacon for explorers, Cairo's fame as a pivotal point in global travel is undiminished, evidenced by its magnetic allure that even the world's most famous spy, James Bond, couldn't resist. While it may not boast the typical throngs of tourists, the city's soul whispers secrets of its storied past through bustling bazaars and silent monuments. This lesser-traveled path offers a treasure trove of experiences that echo the grand narratives of civilization itself.