Why choose Alexandria

Alexandria, with its bustling Corniche and the iconic Library, serves as the perfect gateway to a mesmerizing blend of modern vibrancy and ancient charm. Imagine sipping mint tea in a quaint café as you gaze out at the Mediterranean. The city's mild winters and warm, breezy summers offer a refreshing retreat for those in search of authenticity. Here, you'll laugh at the playful contradiction of hearing a donkey cart clop along a street lined with Wi-Fi-equipped coffee shops!

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While not as frequented as the pyramids, Alexandria's narrative is just as captivating. Did you know it's home to the only Roman amphitheater in Egypt? Much like Indiana Jones unearthing hidden gems, you’ll discover age-old secrets from the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa to the pillars of Pompey's Pillar. This city, though often overshadowed in the limelight of global tourism, boasts an allure that many try to replicate but few can truly capture.

Start with Koshari, a zesty concoction of lentils, rice, pasta, and a spicy tomato sauce, topped with caramelized onions and garlicky vinegar. It’s an adventure on a plate, and you don’t need to be an intrepid foodie to fall in love with it! The local market teems with exotic ingredients like molokhia and dukkah, offering flavors not found elsewhere. Each dish is a testament to Egypt’s unique culinary landscape, far from the ordinary yet unexpectedly comforting.

Setting sail to Alexandria? Enjoy the seamless blend of elegance and adventure with cruise lines offering picturesque journeys to this timeless city. Onboard, bask in the serenity reminiscent of the classic film "Ice Cold in Alex." Shore excursions will sweep you off to windswept Mediterranean beaches and bustling bazaars, promising both relaxation and discovery at every turn. From guided tours of ancient ruins to leisurely days spent exploring vibrant markets, each day presents a new chapter in your own epic story.