Why choose Safaga Port

In Safaga, the local way of life might surprise you with its charming blend of efficiency and a dash of chaos. Picture hopping into a lively tuk-tuk, zipping through the bustling streets, as the warm breeze carries hints of the sea and spices. Safaga's climate is a serene escape into perpetual sunshine, ideal for those seeking solitude in its tranquil desert surroundings. This place offers a genuine slice of life, away from the usual tourist traps, allowing you to delve into a deeper understanding of the local lifestyle, flavoured with well-natured humour and simplicity.

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Although often overshadowed by more famous locations, Safaga boasts a narrative that would spark envy in any historian’s eye. Did you know it's often the unsung hero in discussions of world tourism? This lesser-traveled gem offers a wealth of experiences that have even attracted the film industry, with its picturesque deserts and coasts providing backdrops for blockbuster movies. It's a place where the past is not just studied but felt, as each grain of sand whispers stories of ancient times.

We'd advise starting with a local favourite: "Hamam Mahshi," a delightful dish of pigeon stuffed with fragrant rice and herbs, setting the stage for culinary adventures in Safaga. Here, the food isn't just eaten; it's experienced. Dive into plates of "Feseekh," a fermented fish that's a bold testament to the unique flavours exclusive to this part of the world. Even the less adventurous can savour "Kushari," a hearty blend of lentils, rice, and pasta, without needing a daring palate!

Cruise lines like Norwegian and Celebrity offer journeys to this captivating destination, with itineraries designed to explore the essence of Safaga’s serene environment. Shore excursions will take you on adventures through time, exploring ancient ruins and breathing in the narratives held in the winds of the desert. Each step on these excursions is a step back into the pages of time, where the whispers of heritage become the expierences of today.