Why choose Port Said

Port Said, a hidden gem where the Mediterranean meets the Suez, boasts a vibrant atmosphere that will instantly charm you with its bustling markets and laid-back coastal vibes. The climate here offers a refreshing respite from more predictable tourist destinations, with mild winters and warm, breezy summers perfect for those seeking to immerse themselves in genuine local life. You’ll find solitude in the city’s serene sunsets and the warmth of its people, an authentic experience laced with good humor and devoid of typical tourist traps.

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Despite its critical role in maritime history, Port Said is often overshadowed by Egypt's more famous pharaonic sites. Yet, this city is a treasure trove of stories that would intrigue even Indiana Jones! From its founding in 1859 during the construction of the Suez Canal to its strategic importance in global trade, Port Said has a narrative that has inspired many, yet remains uniquely its own. This city's resilience and pivotal role in international affairs are celebrated by those who delve beyond the mainstream, revealing layers of untold adventures.

Koshari, a local favorite, layers lentils, rice, pasta, and a zesty tomato sauce, topped with crispy onions—an inviting first step into Port Said’s culinary wonders without the need for a daredevil palate. The local cuisine here utilizes exotic spices and fresh, vibrant ingredients that you simply won't encounter in Western diets. From the tantalizingly spicy seafood to the sweet, date-filled pastries, each dish offers a delightful exploration of flavors unique to this corner of the world.

Several esteemed cruise lines journey to Port Said, offering a chance to experience the legendary Egyptian hospitality and scenic beauty firsthand. As you step off your luxury liner, you can look forward to shore excursions that include tranquil boat trips down the Suez Canal. Imagine sipping a chilled beverage as you glide past historical landmarks, each telling a story of triumph and transformation, making your cruise to Port Said a memorable blend of relaxation and discovery.