P&O Cruises deals from Southampton 2024, 2025, 2026

P&O Cruises from Southampton give you an easy way to discover the world with one of the UK's leading cruise lines.

P&O's newest ships Arvia and Iona are amongst the fleet sailing from Southampton giving you P&O's ultimate cruise holiday. Alongside the newest ships you could also choose to sail with Britannia, herself only a few years old.

P and O cruises from Southampton give you the perfect family holiday. Easy to join with no flying involved join a P&O cruise from Southampton aboard Arvia, Iona, Britannia, Azura or Ventura and enjoy a fun-packed holiday with loads for all the family to keep them happy.

Choose P&O cruises from Southampton to visit the UK and Northern Europe, the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean, Portugal and her islands or head farther afield to the Caribbean or even on a round the world cruise.

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