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Four reasons why you should visit the Great Lakes with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

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Hapag-Lloyd Cruises brings you to the Great Lakes in style. Discover the top four reasons why you should visit this stunning region with Hapag-Lloyd cruises and experience the cruise of a lifetime.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Great Lake itineraries are not one to miss – from impressive scenery to vast history, there’s something for everyone.

The Great Lakes (Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario) are not simply five impressive lakes in North America – they actually form the biggest connected area of freshwater on the planet.

Imagine waking up to the beautiful views of a quaint fishing village or to a rocky coastline framed with thick forest in the distance, with the knowledge that you are exploring somewhere completely new that day – nothing beats that feeling.

And what better cruise line to discover the lakes of North America than Hapag-Lloyd Cruises? This expedition line is hand-made to ensure that you can dive headfirst (not literally, don’t worry) into each destination with expert onboard knowledge and more.

Read on to discover to top four reasons to cruise to the Great Lakes with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises – can we come too?

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1. Hanseatic Inspiration can pass through locks that most ships cannot

In order to explore the Great Lakes fully, your cruising vessel needs to give you unrestricted access and HANSEATIC inspiration does just this.

The ship can navigate small canals and locks that most other ships cannot with only millimetres to spare – thanks to its retractable bridge wings.

For example, when cruising into Lake Ontario, Canada, you’ll first have to navigate the Welland Canal which features eight locks, around 20 bridges and a change of height of a staggering 100 metres. Ensure you get on the open deck to watch this skilful manoeuvre first-hand.

What’s more, you will also navigate other waterways like small lagoons – such as your entry into Parry Sound through an idyllic lagoon, and Hanseatic Inspiration conquers all these tricky navigations.

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Lake Ontatio is a must-visit lake with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. Credit: Shutterstock

2. The wide variety of stunning ports visited

There are plenty of Great Lakes itineraries to choose from with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, allowing you to personalise your cruising destinations to suit you.

Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario and Lake Huron are only a few of the lakes you can admire on a cruise with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises.

For example, whether you choose the itineraries sailing from Milwaukee to Toronto, Milwaukee to Halifax, Toronto to Milwaukee, Detroit to Milwaukee or Milwaukee to Windsor you’ll hit the hotspots of Windsor, Lake Michigan, Mackinac Island and Lake Huron.

Windsor is arguably the best place to admire the impressive Detroit skyline and is located on the 28-mile-long Detroit River.

Lake Michigan is the second largest of the five Great Lakes by volume – did you know that almost 1,500 shipwrecks lie at the bottom of this lake? Simply sit and breathe in the fresh air when cruising this lake and admire the beautiful landscape ahead.

Another hotspot is Mackinac Island on Lake Huron – particularly impressive for the expansive scenery and the wide range of outdoor activities. Ensure that you sample a selection of hand-made fudge at one of the fudge shops before wandering down Main Street to watch the horse-drawn carriages trot past.

Animal lovers will enjoy Lake Ontario, which is actually more than four times the size of the UK, as a large population of white-sided dolphins reside here, and these social creatures have been known to approach boats for attention.

Take advantage of the knowledge of a guide with each excursion. Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

3. An intimate, expedition-oriented base

When embarking on an expedition cruise, you expect to disembark with a head full of new knowledge and fun facts – and Hapag Lloyd Cruises doesn’t disappoint.

All your shore excursions and Zodiac rides will be accompanied by the perfect selection of equipment you need to learn the most about new destinations.

Not only this, but you can also attend fascinating onboard presentations in the state-of-the-art HanseAtrium that encourage discussion about a wide range of topics as well as embarking on personal studies in the Ocean Academy.

Hanseatic Inspiration is the ideal base for exploration. Credit: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

4. An international audience

Boasting an international audience of both German and English speakers, you can meet like-minded cruise lovers from all walks of life.

Enjoy hearing entertaining stories from newfound friends over your favourite cocktail in the bar and swap cruising anecdotes yourself.

In addition, with no more than 230 guests onboard, you can appreciate the truly unique and intimate atmosphere.

How could it get any better? The perfect location combined with an exquisite ship to call home – that’s why Hapag-Lloyd Cruises does it best.

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