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Take a shot at Oceania Cruises' new mixology programme

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Join the cruise line that raises the bar every time, yet again showcasing a new level of luxury and attention to detail with their food and drink onboard Vista.

These notorious culinary whizzes keep raising the standards out at sea, not just with their food excellence but now with their brand-new mixology programme.

This exciting concept will be making its opening appearance onboard the first Allura-class ship, VistaOceania Cruises' newest addition.

You won’t have to wait long for this luxurious and social ship, as she’ll be making her debut on May 20, 2023, and then continuing her voyages across the world in regions such as the Middle East, the Baltics, the Greek and British Isles, the Caribbean and so many more.

Join her for cocktail o’clock in an array of striking and reimagined bars, lounges and restaurants onboard.

Get excited for...

Raise your glass! Credit: Oceania Cruises

Mixology programme onboard Vista
With flavoured smoke bubbles and Negronis aged in wooden barrels, Oceania Cruises’ rising creativity is shaking things up with trending crafting techniques.

Better yet, you could be one of the first to experience an immersive drink offering in the onboard Casino Mixology Bar. Here, you can be wowed before your drink has even arrived as you sit back and watch the pros focus on the art of cocktail making.

Whether this is through an up-close table-side performance or a far-away smoke scene doubling as a fascinating chemistry experiment, we’re sure the taste of a Purple Rain or a Singapore Sling alone will tempt you to order a few more.

There are plenty of alcohol-free cocktails too – not to be mixed up with a cheap mocktail thrown together with different juices.

Oceania Cruises'
zero-proof cocktails are made with just as much care, focusing on non-boozy spirits and fancy ingredients. Did we mention that some of them are even complimentary?

Speaking of ingredients, this line is bringing together even more naturally sourced ingredients than they already do; your taste buds will start dancing when you try their homemade syrups and flavour-intensifying reduction recipes.

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Elevated bar programme
From fruity to sour to smokey, even though Vista will be stocked with some unthinkable cocktail recipes, this line get that they just aren’t for everyone. That’s why they’ve got your back with lots more included in this beverage package.

Perhaps you like the finer things in life but wouldn’t necessarily steer completely away from cocktails? In that case, you may want to sip an exclusive champagne cocktail or two from their latest speciality beverage carts such as The Bubbly Bar.

If you’re feeling brave or need a hangover remedy after guzzling a few too many, venture over to The Ultimate Bloody Mary Bar, freshly stocked up and ready for a low-keyDIY service.

In general, also expect a wider selection of spirits, a whole new assortment of low- and no-sugar wines and, well, we could keep going on but we’re sure you get the point… There’s a lot on offer with the new Mixology programme.

Oceania's innovative new bar programme debuts on Vista next year. Credit: Oceania Cruises

Not forgetting culinary delights
Given that Oceania are renowned culinary experts out at sea, it’s no surprise that the dining opportunities onboard Vista also elate.

Here are a few of the restaurants that lie in wait…

Whether you are looking forward to a leisurely evening of dining or a quick dinner before catching the headline show, Ember is where you want to be. Credit: Oceania Cruises

Vista wouldn’t be complete without a shining new signature restaurant. Serving up sumptuous dishes such as succulent braised beef short ribs, and fresh catches like grilled swordfish – what’s not to love?

Aquamar Kitchen
On a plant-based buzz? You won’t be neglected thanks to another new concept for the line. From super-food smoothies to hearty buddha bowls, this wellness restaurant will leave you walking away guilt-free and rejuvenated, while still fulfilling your cravings.

Aquamar Kitchen offers an abundance of indulgence with none of the guilt. Credit: Oceania Cruises

The Grand Dining Room
The beating heart of an Oceania Cruises' ship, and for good reason owing to its elegant yet social atmosphere. Dig into a welcoming Eggs Benedict or get dressed up and look forward to an evening of cultural fusions through destination-inspired meals.

The feast never ends…
Enjoy a steakhouse experience at Polo Grill. Sample Asian-inspired duck and watermelon salads and Malaysian curries at Red Ginger. Watch the local scenery float by as you kick back outdoors at the Terrace Café.

With a never-ending catalogue of restaurants absorbing a fresh perspective on luxury cuisine, dining will pair so well with the Mixology programme, both going above and beyond into a new realm of perfection.

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