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River cruises: do they deliver on the hype and are they worth the money?

Author: Savannah Bowles

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Think river cruising is expensive? Think again. Contrary to popular perception, river cruising is actually fantastic value for money – especially with Avalon Waterways inclusions.

River cruises may appear pricey at first glance but what you really have to look at, is the abundance of inclusions.

With all the added luxuries from Avalon Waterways, ranging from complimentary dining and drinks to flexibility with personalised excursions, you’ll explore enchanting rivers with everything you could possibly need during your sailing.

As a result of this, the price of your cruise does reflect the luxury you’ll get – making it all worth the money and in actual fact, not really being costly at all.

We want to give you a greater idea of how much you get in return for your buck. So, we’ve laid out some of Avalon’s complimentary perks included in each and every itinerary you could experience. You’ll be wanting to book a river cruise in no time…

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Avalon Waterways' inclusions

Good food and great drinks

With breakfast, lunch and dinner included daily, you can choose what you want from a variety of top-notch menus and restaurants onboard without having to give the price of each dish a second thought.

Imagine waking up along a stretch of the stunning Rhine, heading out onto your balcony cabin before ordering a hearty complimentary, continental breakfast to your room. We can’t think of a better way to start the morning.

These cruise experts have also gone the extra mile with included alcohol and soft drinks after midday. You could even go a little crazy and enjoy sparkling wine at breakfast – after all, you are on holiday!

Oh, and have we mentioned the 24-hour self-serving drinks station in the onboard stylish club lounges?

While there are plenty of drinks onboard, you can also take advantage of Avalon Waterways’ November deal whereby you can bag a whole case of delicious wines if you book before the month ends.

Avalon Tranquility II is the perfect choice for river-cruise fans to take advantage of Avalon Choice. Credit: Avalon Waterways

Avalon Choice

Another great price perk is the iconic Avalon Choice. Whether you’re searching for interactive discovery tours or energising activities, you can design your very own personalised cruise.

There are three categories to choose between (Classic, Active, and Discovery) so that you can tailor your getaway to suit your range of interests with a vast choice of included itinerary options each day.


With the modern and advanced AvalonGO app, you’ll be able to keep updated with your flights and river cruise itinerary at all times just by downloading this app onto your phone.

Along with being super handy, it also acts as a pocket tour guide with its sightseeing and restaurant suggestions when you step ashore to explore.

To top it off, its offline and easily readable maps mean you don’t have to search for nearby Wi-fi when exploring.

Although, if you do need Wi-Fi when you’re onboard, that’s also included in the cost of your cruise.

Cooking classes are just one of the many activities offered on shore. Credit: Avalon Waterways.

The list goes on…

Joining you for your travels will be an expert cruise director and an adventure host who will also be your guide for excursions and activities.

Plus, you can sit back and relax during your whole time out on the European waterways as gratuities are also added into the price.

With the food, the flexibility in your tours, and all the handy amenities, you have everything you’d expect a memorable voyage to have.

If that’s not enough, you may also be interested to hear about Avalon Waterways' return rewards.

As this brand is always so passionate to see guests returning, you can look forward to Welcome Back Credit. The more you travel, the more cash you’ll earn towards future voyages.

Start booking now to start earning and grab that complimentary case of wine – happy cruising!

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