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Five reasons to choose Seabourn for your next expedition voyage

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Discover five great reasons to choose Seabourn for your next expedition voyage for a wild adventure you'll never forget.

Expedition travel is on the bucket list of many travellers and Seabourn, the world’s finest ultra-luxury cruise line, has created two ultra-luxury purpose-built expedition ships that will take adventurers to a higher level.

Expedition cruising creates once-in-a-lifetime moments you will wish to have again and again. The experience brings out the curiosity and thirst for exploring – learning and discovering things you had only read or dreamt about.

Taking an expedition voyage will capture your imagination and your passion for continuing this type of experience in all your upcoming travels. It really gets into your soul, changing the way you travel and how you wish to experience the world.

Seabourn expedition ships offer guests six-star luxury even in the most remote destinations, which is why they should be your first choice when booking your next expedition journey.

Read on to discover just a few of the many reasons why adventurers choose Seabourn for the best in expedition travel.

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Experience the extraordinary

Seabourn Venture's 2023-4 season includes expeditions to the Arctic, Antarctica and the Amazon where guests will enjoy thrilling experiences alongside an experienced Expedition team.

So you can cruise in Zodiacs under teeming bird cliffs and along jungle rivers, kayak among icebergs and tropical islands, see whales, walruses and seals up close and dive in custom-built submarines.

One incredible journey will be a 23-night trip across the Northwest Passage departing 26 August 2023, as Seabourn Venture travels through some of the most remote areas in the Northern Hemisphere from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Nome, Alaska.

Meanwhile, sister ship Seabourn Pursuit will arrive in October 2023, sailing from Barbados to South America and Antarctica.

Explore exquisite destinations around the world with Seabourn. Credit: Seabourn

Travel in ultra-luxury

Seabourn offers the pinnacle of ultra-luxury travel with intimate ships offering key elements that set the line apart: spacious, thoughtfully appointed all-veranda suites, all 100% oceanfront; superb dining in a choice of venues; complimentary premium spirits and fine wines available onboard at all times; award-winning service, a tipping not required policy, and a relaxed, sociable atmosphere that makes guests feel at home onboard.

Seabourn’s expedition ships are designed for those whose appetite for unique travel experiences is matched by a taste for ultra-luxury amenities, giving guests the chance to explore exquisite destinations around the world with Seabourn’s incomparable elegance and ease.

On Zodiacs you can quickly witness amazing seals up close. Credit: Seabourn

Enjoy incredible ships

Both Seabourn Venture-class ships are designed and built for diverse environments to PC6 Polar Class standards and include an array of modern hardware and technology that extends the ships’ global deployment and capabilities. Both ships operate on MGO fuel (Marine Gas Oil), which is the cleanest fuel possible.

Onboard both ships you’ll find a stunning Expedition Lounge, a Landing Zone where guests prepare for and return from off-ship adventures and the Bow Lounge, which gives guests the sensation of standing in front of the ship with views of waves parting and ice sloughing off the bow at the waterline.

In the Arctic, the open-air infinity pool at the back of the ship is the place to be to watch birdlife such as albatrosses, while in the tropics this area becomes a stunning sun deck. Both ships also carry two custom-built submarines, providing an unforgettable view beneath the ocean’s surface.

Guests can also make use of the 24 spacious Zodiacs onboard.

Both ships feature 132 luxurious oceanfront veranda suites, providing the best in accommodation no matter where they travel.

The beautiful Panorama Veranda Suite offers floor-to-ceiling windows and a large open veranda, with features including wood floors with underfloor heating and a personal heated wardrobe to store expedition gear, while The Wintergarden Suite is a stunning duplex with an incredible two-deck
wall of glass.

See some amazing wildlife in Svalbard. Credit: Shutterstock

See some amazing wildlife

Seabourn’s 26-person expedition team of wildlife experts, scientists, historians and naturalists share a passion for creating unforgettable wildlife and destination experiences for guests, providing close-up views of wildlife and natural scenery, as well as unforgettable intimacy with the underwater wonders of the ocean.

Onboard they’ll provide expert insights into the biodiversity, ecosystems, physical science, history and culture of the places visited both in formal Seabourn Conversations or presentations and casual chats over drinks and meals. They also guide off-ship expeditions to enhance guests’ engagement with these extraordinary places.

Last summer in Svalbard for example, guests saw antlered reindeer graze on the slopes; arctic foxes and gulls haunt the nursery edges; seals and walruses join the breeding season; and polar bears patrol the rocky shorelines and floating ice, while whales rolled and breached offshore.

Antarctica voyages showcase penguins, whales and other diverse wildlife, while guests can kayak around icebergs and massive glaciers or even hike along the majestic continent and see the wonders of Antarctica up close.

Sail with the experts onboard Seabourn Venture. Credit: Seabourn

Sail with the experts

You can be sure of travelling with the experts when you take an expedition voyage with Seabourn.

The company began offering expedition experiences during its first sailing to Antarctica in 2013 on Seabourn Quest, led by a highly qualified, world-class expedition team headed up by Robin West, one of the world’s most experienced and respected expedition leaders. Those itineraries have been offered every operational season since.

Now Seabourn’s Vice President and General Manager of Expeditions, Robin hand-selects Expedition leaders and team members to ensure that guests on Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit will benefit from their expertise, as well as their passion for adventure and discovery.

For more information visit or call 0344 338 8615.

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