MSC Cruises from Southampton 2022, 2023, 2024

MSC Cruises from Southampton could take you around the UK, to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean or perhaps to the Canary Islands. MSC Cruises are increasing the number of voyages from Southampton with two ships now calling Southampton their home port.

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MSC cruises deals from Southampton

MSC cruises departing from Southampton offer Mediterranean-style hospitality and a relaxed cruise on some of their modern ships. You may choose to join an MSC cruise from Southampton to the Norwegian Fjords, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe or the Canary Islands. There are also a number of MSC mini cruises from Southampton which are mainly to Northern Europe or around the UK.

An MSC cruise is a great way to join a relaxed cruise with one of the world's leading cruise lines. Their relatively new fleet of ships offer a range of cruising styles including their exclusive Yacht Club where you can relax in complete luxury. Of course, if butler-service is not your thing then you can enjoy the wealth of activities that the ship has to offer and dining styles fairly inexpensively.

There are regularly MSC cruise deals from Southampton available. Often these are promoted quite close to departure so be sure to sign up with World of Cruising to receive regular price and offer updates.

MSC Cruises from Southampton in 2022 will be aboard MSC Virtuosa and MSC Preziosa and then in 2023 MSC Preziosa will be joined by MSC Grandiosa. All three ships offer MSC Cruises' unique style of cruising.

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