Ambience is the debut cruise ship from Ambassador. Credit: Ambassador Cruise Line

From islands in the sun to sweater weather: Are you a hot or cold cruiser?

Author: Daniel Edward

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When Katy Perry wrote Hot N Cold, little did she know that she was adding fuel to the fire of a popular cruising face off. Whether you are a hot or cold cruiser, Ambassador Cruise Line has a cruise for you.

Thankfully, with Ambassador Cruise Line there’s room for everyone with a cool selection of hot picks ranging right the way across the mercury dial.

Cruisers in Buster Poindexter’s camp, looking for Hot, Hot, Hot are spoilt for choice, with most cruise ships chasing the hot summer sun around the world. But even those who side with Frank and want to Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! have plenty in the calendar to look forward to.

New bookings made before the end of January 2023 will enjoy 30 percent off full fare, with half price on the Explorer Drinks Package (covering all house spirits and wine). Plus, depending on the stateroom you book, you enjoy up to £20 per cabin per night in onboard credit.

So, whether you dream of waking up In The Heat of the Morning, where it’s 99 in the Shade, or you yearn for the Hazy Shade of Winter these are our top picks from the Ambassador Cruise Line collection.

The heat is on … in the Mediterranean
Departing in April 2023 from London Tilbury, Ambience will be exploring the gorgeous, sun-tanned coastline of the Mediterranean, with 32 nights of springtime sun to enjoy. And this Grand Mediterranean voyage goes beyond the usual ports of call, reaching as far as Turkey, Israel and Egypt.

You know it’s a special trip of a lifetime when you can see the Vatican, Western Wall, Bethlehem, and ancient Pyramids while only unpacking your bags once.

Winter sun: Turkey offers the best of East and West, ancient history and delicious local fare. Credit: Shutterstock

The cool crunch of autumnal leaves
After a summer under the baking sun, Europe’s rust and amber leaves sleepily fall to the cobbled streets of the continent’s famed old towns. If this dreamy scene sounds like your idea of heaven on earth, get yourself on board Ambition in October 2023.

As the temperatures start to cool off, but it’s not yet full winter coat weather, you’ll embrace the charms of Belgium, France and the Netherlands, starting in Falmouth – so you can even start your holiday with a few days on Britain’s much-loved south-west coast first.

Ambition entered Ambassador's fleet in May 2022. Credit: Ambassador Cruise Line

I’m dreaming of a hot Christmas
Or, skip the snow and sludge and send yourself off on a festive escape to the West Indies and Dutch Antilles on board Ambition. This relaxing 38-night voyage is the ideal way to see out the winter and welcome in the new year, all with the added benefit of never having to go to the airport as your cruise departs from London.

Highlights include Christmas Day and New Year’s Day both at sea, stops in the gorgeous Portuguese island of Madeira, and guaranteed sunshine in the Caribbean paradises of Barbados, Grenada, Curacao and Aruba.

The rum-drenched island of Barbados never disappoints. Credit: Shutterstock

Some like it… cold
But some people are hot enough already, thank you very much, and it’s time to cool things down with something nice and icy. Iceland, perhaps?

Ambition heads to the land of ice and fire in March 2024 to marvel at the Northern Lights in all their glory. This mesmerising phenomenon is best seen where there is little to no light pollution… so we’d say the middle of the ocean is a pretty good place to be. You’ll love Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, too, with its quirky mix of old Norse and modern European vibes.

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A quick burst of heat
But maybe just reading about autumn is making you feel chilly – you’ll love Ambition’s two-week cruise discovering the hidden gems of France and Spain in mid-May. It promises to be a sizzlingly sensational sun-soaked sailing.

Departing from Newcastle Tyne, you’ll check into Dundee before scouting south for a voyage of discovery along the French and Spanish Atlantic coastline. Visit wine regions, and seafood hotspots, as well as art districts and historically significant gems.

The best fall in the world?
Let’s be real, though. Great summers lead to great autumns, and does anywhere do autumn (or “fall”) better than New England and the east coast of Canada? I guess it would be wrong to answer this question without doing thorough research first, so it’s lucky that Ambience has just the cruise for you to find out.

The month-long voyage on Ambience departs London in September 2023 and docks in some of eastern Canada’s most picturesque and friendliest places, including Sydney (the Canadian one… the Australian one is for the hot cruisers!), Montreal and Quebec.

Making the two Atlantic crossings even more exciting, you’ll stop off in Greenland on the outward leg and Iceland on the way home.