Mariangela Capuzzo, Chief curator of Silver Nova. Credit: Silversea

Chief art curator Mariangela Capuzzo on new ship, Silver Nova

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Mariangela Capuzzo is the chief curator of Silversea’s newest ship Silver Nova. Here she describes how to create a timeless, sophisticated art collection

When did you start work as Silver Nova’s art curator?

My team and I come in after the architects and the designers have finished, so we have a clear understanding of the spaces to curate for and their function. This is typically around a year before the ship is delivered.

How do you source art for cruise ships?

After creating a curatorial direction – which is the narrative that we want the art to follow – we identify which type of artwork will work well in a space to create harmony or provoke a different way of looking at something.

Then we identify artists whose work will uplift the space, whose work is art for art’s sake – not commercial or decorative.

We aim for an eclectic collection – murals, sculpture, painting, collage, textiles, ceramics and bronzes.

After that, we create mood boards, contact the artists and present proposals to Silversea.

Silver Nova features a variety of artists onboard. Credit: Silversea

What kind of artists feature aboard Silver Nova?

We create collections for the travel industry, so why not showcase different cultures?

We create synergies between emerging, mid-career and established artists from 11 countries – that’s why we travel so much.

What are the challenges of sourcing art for a ship rather than a gallery

Creating a collection that copes with dramatic changes in temperature as well as abiding by safety regulations.

For example, artwork on walls can’t project more than one centimetre, to avoid guests injuring themselves, and it also needs to withstand people touching it.

Admire ceramic work by a Spanish artist in the Arts Café. Credit: Silversea

How is Silversea different from other cruise lines?

We curate for over 30 cruise ships, and I would say the main difference between Silversea and a line like Royal Caribbean International is that the art on board Royal Caribbean is made to entertain, whereas the art on board Silversea is made to educate.

Talk us through your favourite pieces on Silver Nova

The collection is inspired by earth, fire, water and air. We have some beautiful ceramic work by a Spanish artist in the Arts Café, and you can really see the Spanish influence from its colour palette and its surreal style.

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