Why choose Dalian

Dalian, once a small fishing village, rose to prominence during the 19th and 20th centuries as a major port and rail terminus. This city experiences a mild, humid climate, conducive to year-round exploration, distinguishing it from the harsher northern neighbors. Dalian is renowned not just for its picturesque coastlines and hills but for its vibrant squares and lush parks, offering a more relaxed yet equally engaging side of China. A fascinating detail: Dalian is celebrated for its fashion scene and hosts one of China's most significant international fashion festivals.

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Dalian's unique position as a northeastern economic and tourism hub has captured global attention, yet it retains a treasure trove of local experiences often overlooked by mainstream tourism. Beyond its modern skyscrapers and busy ports lie serene spots like Bingyu Valley, boasting crystal clear waters and scenic landscapes reminiscent of Guilin. These hidden gems offer a closer look at the area's natural beauty and tranquility, inviting genuine discovery.

Dalian’s culinary offerings are a treat, with the seafood here being a must-try. Experience the local flavor with a dish of sautéed sea cucumbers, a delicacy that highlights Dalian's sea-to-table dining. Cooked with scallions and ginger, this dish exemplifies the freshness and simplicity of northeastern Chinese cuisine, using ingredients sourced directly from the nearby Yellow Sea, providing a delightful dining experience without the need for an adventurous palate.

International cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and Costa Cruises make stops in Dalian, offering passengers a taste of its coastal charm. Shore excursions often explore the city's architectural marvels, like the Russian Street and Japanese Street, and the natural beauty of Dalian's coastal boardwalk. Historical figures such as Zhang Zuolin, the warlord who once ruled the region, add a layer of intrigue to these visits, connecting travelers to Dalian's multifaceted past and vibrant present.