Why choose Sanya

Sanya, located at the southern tip of Hainan Island, is often dubbed the “Hawaii of China” for its tropical climate and pristine beaches. This idyllic destination offers a unique escape from the bustling megacities of the mainland, featuring not just sun-soaked shores but also lush mountain ranges. Sanya's environment allows visitors to immerse themselves in both beach leisure and eco-tourism, reflecting the broader natural and cultural diversity of China. With the occasional cheeky monkeys along the hiking trails, it's easy to see why Sanya is described as "where China’s wild side meets the seaside."

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While Sanya is becoming a notable point on the map for global tourists seeking luxury beach resorts, it maintains a rich tapestry of cultural heritage that remains largely underexplored. From the ancient Li and Miao ethnic minority villages tucked away in the island’s interior to the remnants of historical trade routes in its coastal waters, Sanya offers depth beyond its resorts, revealing layers of history that most snapshots fail to capture.

Local cuisine here is a treat, especially the coconut chicken hotpot, which epitomizes Sanya's blend of tropical and traditional flavors. This dish is lovingly prepared with fresh local chicken simmered in a broth enriched with young coconuts straight from Hainan’s palms. The result is a delicately flavored, comforting dish that showcases the natural produce of the region. Sanya’s culinary scene allows you to indulge in exotic yet approachable flavors that celebrate its island geography.

Major cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line, offer stops in Sanya, utilizing its port to introduce travelers to China's southern charm. Shore excursions often include relaxing beach days, visits to the Nanshan Temple, or exploring the Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone. These trips are enhanced by the area’s historical narrative, including stories of the maritime Silk Road that once thrived here. Each visit promises a blend of relaxation, cultural enrichment, and a taste of Sanya's storied and scenic landscapes.