Why choose Haikou

Haikou, graced with a tropical monsoon climate, offers a year-round warmth that is as inviting as its lush, volcanic landscapes and sprawling coconut plantations. This capital of Hainan is not just a gateway to relaxation; it's a vibrant testament to the island’s ecological diversity and rich culinary traditions. Here, you can escape the frenetic pace of mainland China and discover 'Coconut City,' where the trees outnumber the skyscrapers

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While Haikou is emerging on the international stage, its historical depth as a major port in the South China Sea offers a storied backdrop that's often overlooked. Beyond its palm-fringed beaches, the city reveals centuries-old trade routes that now foster a multicultural ambiance. Here, hidden gems like the Old Street of Qilou offer a glimpse into its colonial past underpinned by a distinctly tropical flair, showing that there's more to Haikou than meets the Instagram feed.

Delight in Haikou’s signature dish, Wenchang chicken, named after the nearby city where this breed of chicken originated. This delicacy is prepared simply, boiled to perfection to highlight its naturally flavorful and tender meat, served with dipping sauces made from calamansi and garlic. This dish reflects Haikou's commitment to freshness and simplicity, using ingredients such as the locally-farmed chicken and home-grown spices that capture the essence of the island’s culinary landscape.

Cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line include Haikou in their itineraries, offering a tropical escape that combines leisure with discovery. Shore excursions typically feature trips to the Haikou Volcanic Cluster Global Geopark, where visitors can explore ancient lava tubes, or leisurely tours of historical sites such as the Temple of Five Lords. These excursions provide insights into Haikou’s rich tapestry of natural beauty and its historical narrative, including tales of famous pirates and seafarers who once navigated these waters.