Why choose Yantai

Yantai, originally known as Chefoo, is a scenic port city with roots as an ancient defensive outpost against sea invasions. Its mild, temperate climate and golden beaches offer a more relaxed alternative to China's bustling urban centers. Yantai is famed not just for its beautiful coastline but also for its vineyards, making it a rare find in China for wine lovers. An intriguing fact: Yantai is one of the leading producers of apples and cherries in China, which heavily influences the local cuisine.

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Yantai’s historical importance as a treaty port opened it to international influences, which are still evident in its architecture and local culture. While Yantai is recognized on the international stage for its wine production, the city retains many under-explored cultural and natural sites that escape the typical tourist itinerary, offering serene beaches, mountain trails, and a glimpse into rural Shandong life.

Local cuisine here is a delight, especially the seafood. Try the Braised Abalone, a luxurious dish that showcases Yantai's seafood prowess. This delicacy is slow-cooked in a broth of oyster sauce, ginger, and spring onions, highlighting the region's access to fresh, high-quality seafood. This dish, served in many local restaurants, uses simple yet flavorful ingredients that embody the essence of Yantai's maritime heritage.

Major cruise lines like Costa and Royal Caribbean include Yantai in their itineraries, drawn by its coastal beauty and cultural richness. Shore excursions typically offer tours of the Changyu Wine Museum, tastings at local vineyards, and visits to the Penglai Pavilion, a legendary spot often shrouded in mist. These excursions provide a comprehensive experience of Yantai’s offerings, connecting visitors with the area’s natural beauty and its storied past, including references to the mythical Eight Immortals, who are said to have crossed the sea without a ship.