Why choose Zhoushan

Zhoushan, an archipelago off the eastern coast of China, is known for its temperate maritime climate that provides mild, breezy summers and cool, gentle winters. This ideal weather supports a rich marine ecosystem and lush scenery, making it a sanctuary for those seeking to escape the city's haste. It’s a locale where traditional fishing villages dot the coastline, offering a glimpse into the authentic rural Chinese lifestyle, often overshadowed by China's megacities.

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Zhoushan has historically been a crucial maritime junction, influencing its cultural and economic development significantly. Despite its key role in China’s marine history, much of Zhoushan remains relatively unexplored by the mainstream tourist, with ancient temples and secluded beaches waiting quietly for those willing to veer off the beaten path. The region offers more than just scenic landscapes; it provides a touch of serenity amidst China’s rapid modernization

The local cuisine in Zhoushan is celebrated for its freshness and simplicity, with seafood taking center stage. Dive into a dish of steamed Zhoushan mussels, known for their size and sweetness, enhanced with nothing more than garlic and vermicelli noodles to let the natural flavors shine. These ingredients, pulled straight from the surrounding seas, offer a taste of the ocean unlike anywhere else, allowing diners to indulge in the bounty of Zhoushan without the need for an adventurous palate.

Leading cruise lines such as Costa and Princess frequently stop in Zhoushan, drawn by its unique coastal appeal. Shore excursions typically include visits to the Buddhist sanctuaries on Mount Putuo, one of China's four sacred Buddhist mountains, or leisurely strolls through the old fishing ports where history and tradition still pulse in the daily catch. Visitors can also explore tales of pirates and sea battles that once defined this strategic region, adding a layer of intrigue and adventure to their travel experience.