Why choose Shanghai

Shanghai's humid subtropical climate ushers in hot summers and cool winters, a perfect metaphor for the city itself: a place of contrasts where tradition meets cutting-edge modernity. This bustling metropolis offers an authentic Chinese urban experience, blending art deco architecture with futuristic skyscrapers like the Shanghai Tower. It's a city that never sleeps, yet you can find tranquility in the classical Yu Garden or the quietude of ancient Longhua Temple. A quip that sums up Shanghai? It’s where every alleyway tells a story, and every skyscraper imagines the future.

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Shanghai, a pivotal node on the Silk Road Economic Belt, showcases its cosmopolitan essence through its vibrant Bund area, where international traders once settled. Despite being a magnet for global tourists, Shanghai harbors hidden enclaves like the ancient water town of Qibao, offering a peek into pre-modern China amidst the urban sprawl. These spots reveal a layer of Shanghai that escapes most cameras and travel blogs, offering depth beyond the dazzle.

Delight your palate with Xiaolongbao, Shanghai's culinary gem. These steamed soup dumplings encapsulate the precision of local gastronomy, with delicate skins enveloping rich, savory broth and tender pork filling. The magic ingredient? A gelatinized meat stock that melts into broth when steamed, a technique born from generations of culinary refinement unique to this region. It’s a dish that invites you to savor slowly, no boldness required, just a moment to appreciate the flavors of Shanghai.

Cruise lines like Viking and Celebrity offer itineraries that highlight Shanghai’s iconic waterfront and bustling markets. Shore excursions take visitors deep into the heart of the city, from exploring the historic Jewish Quarter to navigating the neon-lit streets of Nanjing Road. They also offer trips to nearby Suzhou or Hangzhou, known for their classical gardens and silk production. These excursions not only introduce the grandeur of Shanghai’s past and present but also connect travelers to the legends, like the infamous gangster Du Yuesheng, who once ruled the city's underworld.