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Cruising in the Caribbean among top UK bucket list experiences

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Caribbean cruise holidays are lusted after by countless Britons. Sailing among the gorgeous islands is among the nation's top 20 UK bucket list experiences.

Caribbean cruises are on the wish list of many in the UK, new research has revealed.

Sailing around the popular holiday destination came 14th in the top 20 travel bucket list experiences of the nation in a recent survey.

Number one activity is seeing the northern lights followed by going to Walt Disney World in Florida.

Climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower, visiting Pompeii and driving Route 66 completed the top five.

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Also among the UK's top 20 bucket list experiences is going on safari in Africa, visiting a casino in Las Vegas, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, swimming with dolphins and travelling on the Orient Express.

Seeing Mount Fuji, walking along the Great Wall of China, island hopping in Greece and seeing a bear in Canada also featured.

Many of those quizzed would also like to swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, stay in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives, and admire the views from the Empire State Building in New York.

The research was carried out by cruise line Royal Caribbean.

Holidays: Walking along the Great Wall of China is on many people's bucket lists. Credit: Shutterstock

It revealed the ultimate holiday bucket list for 2021 and beyond spanned 16,357 miles, took 11 years to complete and cost a total of £35,790.

In potentially bad news for the nation's bank account, half of UK holidaymakers admit that their itinerary is "increasing all the time" and 70 percent are concerned that they won’t ever complete it all.

When adding a dream destination to their bucket list, UK holidaymakers are keen to ensure it has amazing landscapes, a range of activities and excursions, opportunities to explore different cultures and delicious food, the findings showed.

What's more, just under half of UK holidaymakers consider ticking off activities and experiences on their travel list as one of their biggest life goals.

Consequently, 56 percent said they always take into consideration how they can live out their bucket list when booking a holiday.

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Holidays: Half of UK holidaymakers admit their bucket list itinerary is "increasing all the time." Credit: Shutterstock

The UK’s top 20 travel bucket list experiences

1. See the northern lights

2. Go to Walt Disney World in Florida

3. Make it to the top of the Eiffel Tower

4. Visit Pompeii

5. Drive Route 66

6. Go on safari in Africa

7. Go to a casino in Las Vegas

8. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

9. Swim with dolphins

10. Travel on the Orient Express

11. Go island hopping in Greece

12. Pay your respects at Auschwitz

13. Climb the Empire State Building

14. Cruising in the Caribbean

15. Hike the Great Wall of China

16. Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

17. See Mount Fuji in Japan

18. Rail trip around Europe

19. See a bear in Canada

20. Stay at an over-water bungalow in the Maldives

Holidays: Staying at an over-water bungalow in the Maldives was in the top 20. Credit: Shutterstock

The UK’s top 20 travel bucket list destinations

1. Australia

2. Canada

3. Alaska

4. Barbados

5. The Bahamas

6. New Zealand

7. Italy

8. Iceland

9. Japan

10. Brazil

11. Greece and the Greek Isles

12. North America (not including Alaska)

13. Thailand

14. Antigua

15. Norway

16. Bermuda

17. Portugal

18. Singapore

19. China

20. Cyprus

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