Why choose Waigaoqiao International Cruise Terminal

Along the Huangpu River lies Waigaoqiao International Cruise Terminal, a bustling entryway to Shanghai's maritime heritage. Did you know, Shanghai's inaugural port opened here in 1842, heralding the city's ascent as a global trading hub? Blessed with a temperate climate and a vibrant local scene, Waigaoqiao offers an authentic escape from tourist clichés. It's a lively showcase of Shanghai's maritime legacy and dynamic urban life. With attractions like the Shanghai Maritime Museum, it's more than just a stop—it's a voyage through history. And here's a unique fact: Waigaoqiao played a pivotal role in the Silk Road maritime route, bridging China to the world.

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Waigaoqiao's history mirrors its eclectic skyline, with the port serving as a vital link to Shanghai's landmarks. As you dock, you're seamlessly connected to Shanghai's iconic sights, from the historic Bund to bustling Nanjing Road. Beyond its fame, Waigaoqiao holds hidden gems, from the vibrant streets of Pudong to the flavors of authentic Shanghainese cuisine.

Indulge in Shanghai's culinary delights, where bold flavors and exotic ingredients tantalize the palate. Begin with "xiao long bao," delicate soup dumplings bursting with savory broth and tender meat. From savory "sheng jian bao" to aromatic "stir-fried eel," Shanghai's cuisine offers a sensory feast. Don't miss "lion's head meatballs," hearty pork balls simmered in fragrant broth—a taste of Shanghai's culinary heritage.