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A guide to Arctic Norway and the Northern Lights for first-time cruisers

Author: Savannah Bowles

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Saga’s boutique cruise line has recently introduced six new spellbinding itineraries for 2023, one of which is a dream Norwegian cruise for first-time sailors.

This Norwegian getaway is all about embracing the Arctic spirit and going in search of the colourful celestial light show: The northern lights.

It’s a terrific 15-night journey beyond the Arctic Circle aboard Saga’s Arctic Norway and the Northern Lights voyage. Venturing off on February 28, 2023, it’s perfect for any newbie sailors or anyone open to exploring the vast winter landscapes of Norway – so let us tell you why…

Smothered in blankets of frosty backdrops and flourishing with friendly Nordic locals with deep-rooted traditions, Norway is best seen from its majestic waters – and even better from your own sumptuous balcony cabin.

So, what better first cruise to try with Saga than one exploring the very best of this and other unforgettable winter experiences such as ice fishing and husky sledding – and that’s just the very start!

When you’re not out exploring, you’ll join this exclusively over 50s cruise line onboard the intimate and decadent boutique ship, Spirit of Adventure. She’s the perfect floating home to keep you snug and entertained with upscale and cosy lounges, and special talk hosts and performers.

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Plus, everything is taken care of…

Hands up if you find travelling in this day and age a little overwhelming? We hear you which is why we’re so eager to share this 2023 cruise to Norway with you as Saga treat you like a VIP from start to finish.

Put the panic on hold and reap the benefits of a bunch of fantastic inclusions which will stop your mind from going 10,000 miles a minute.

Travel insurance and a chauffeur service driving you from your home to the port and back are just two inclusions that kick your cruise off to an easy and organised start.

Already have a car but parking is a problem? That’s sorted too with complimentary parking at the port.

Not to mention, when you’re actually onboard Spirit of Adventure, there’s no need to keep tabs on every pound you spend. Instead, eat, drink and have fun with less responsibilities thanks to included onboard drinks and all-round dining, gratuities and so much more.

Oh, and let’s not forget the included excursions in a string of bucket-list Norwegian cities and Arctic towns…

Saga: The Grill offers a more relaxed and social dining experience and boasts an outdoor area. Credit: Saga

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The beauty of Bergen

Sight-see in this proud seafaring port with a rich fishing heritage shining through from the Fishmarket square and the nearby waterfront bay.

Stroll past colourful wooden wharf houses on your included sightseeing excursion and explore Bergen’s link to the Hanseatic League from the museum. Why not discover the 12th century St Mary’s Church along the way too?

Reindeer-sledding in Tromso

Home to over hundreds of reindeer, adopt the traditional winter festivities in Tromso. Board a customary wooden sled and be guided into the Arctic wilderness by an adventurous reindeer – exposing the surrounding snowy mountains from a rarer perspective.

There’s even the option to be hurled along by a pack of enthusiastic sled dogs.

Delve into the culture of Norway in Bergen. Credit: Shutterstock

Honningsvag: The gateway to the North Cape

Earn bragging rights when you head back home to your friends and family, your stop here reveals the sought-after attraction of the North Cape with it’s cliff-top globe monument.

Not only will you be at the Northernmost point in Europe and have seen this iconic landmark, but you can also take it a massive step further and hop on an optional helicopter ride above the North Cape cliffs. What a once in a lifetime moment…

Arctic experiences in Alta

As you remain wrapped up in an included Arctic jacket, join around a warming fire pit in one of Alta’s remote camps. Your included trip here will give you the moment you’ve been waiting for – with the best chance to seek out the captivating northern lights thanks to the clear night skies.

Along with this natural phenomenon, there’s also the chance to stay overnight in Sorrisniva Ice Hotel. Yep, you guessed it – it’s carved entirely out of ice! Brrrrr… Brave the cold and head inside or try your hand at ice fishing or embark on an exhilarating dog sled ride.

Admire the impressive landscape with Saga Cruises. Credit: Shutterstock

One more thing…

This Arctic Norway and the Northern Lights voyage is already striking up a soaring deal with an unbeatable 35 percent off.

With countless unique experiences and a better chance of securing one of the best cabins for less cash whilst the cruise is still new, you won’t want to miss it…

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