Why choose Mykonos

The island of Mykonos, where the mythic winds were said to be tamed by Apollo himself, is a destination that cruise lines like Celebrity and MSC expertly highlight for its serene beauty and vibrant local life. With a climate that blesses the island with sun-drenched days and cooling breezes, it is perfect for those who wish to explore at a leisurely pace. This place escapes the usual clamor of mainstream spots, offering an unspoiled glimpse into the lifestyle that has been preserved over the ages. Unique to Mykonos are the iconic windmills from the 16th century, standing as silent sentinels over the town, providing a picturesque backdrop that is as photogenic as it is historic.

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Mykonos is often hailed as the quintessence of Greek island charm, inspiring many to replicate its distinctive Cycladic architecture across the globe. Despite its fame, brought about by countless snapshots and stories shared by travelers, the island conceals quaint corners and local secrets well off the beaten path. Beyond the popular beaches and bustling tavernas lies a tapestry of quiet alleys, private chapels, and unknown artists' workshops. This island's landscape has influenced many, from filmmakers to fashion designers, who seek to capture and emulate its unique blend of simplicity and elegance. A truly unique aspect of Mykonos is its maze-like town designed to confuse pirates, a clever feature that now delights curious explorers.

Kopanisti, a peppery and fermented cheese, is the star ingredient in a myriad of Mykonos dishes, creating flavors that will transport any foodie to ecstatic heights. This unique delicacy, paired with thin slices of local cured pork known as louza, offers a taste found only in this Aegean paradise. Other regional specialties include the aromatic Mykonian sausages seasoned with pepper and oregano, and amygdalota, almond cookies that are a traditional treat not to be missed. The island's gastronomy utilizes the bounty of its seas and lands in ways that remain largely undiscovered by mainstream palates, offering an authentic dining experience that celebrates its unreplicated locale.

Major cruise lines such as Carnival, Holland America, and Princess frequently traverse the azure waters to Mykonos, offering passengers a plethora of unique shore excursions. From exploring ancient Delos, the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis, to engaging in culinary tours that sample the local fare, there is an experience to enrich every visitor's appreciation of this locale. Notably, the island also boasts connections to famous figures such as the iconic Jackie Onassis, who was known for her visits here, enhancing its allure. An interesting excursion available includes photography tours that capture the stunning windmills and vibrant life, continuing to inspire artists and photographers from around the world.