Portugal is optimistic UK travellers will be able to enter the country this month. Credit: Shutterstock

Green List countries: Where can you holiday this summer and with which cruise line?

Author: Harriet Mallinson

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Green List countries where British travellers can go on holiday without any quarantine restrictions from May 17 were unveiled last week.

Only 12 countries and territories feature on the list to the disappointment of countless travellers.

What's more, most of the destinations remain inaccessible to UK holidaymakers due to local Covid restrictions.

Luckily, two hotspots beloved by Britons have been labelled green - Portugal and Iceland.

Portugal is optimistic UK travellers will be able to enter the country this month.

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Rita Marques, secretary of state for tourism, told the BBC: “I do believe that Portugal will soon allow restriction-free travel, not only for vaccinated people but those who are immune or who test negative."

She added: "We hope to welcome British tourists from May 17. Everything will be ready by mid-May.”

Meanwhile, Iceland is allowing visitors regardless of origin as long as they can present a certificate of full vaccination against Covid or certificate of previous Covid infection.

So, which cruise lines can you travel abroad with this summer and where are they going?

Portugal: "Everything will be ready by mid-May.” Credit: Shutterstock

Portugal cruises

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is offering a 10-night Best Of Spain & Portugal Cruise onboard Celebrity Infinity.

The departure date is August 30 with prices per person starting from £1,303 on average.

Emerald Cruises

Emerald Cruises is offering an eight-day roundtrip cruise from Porto - Secrets of the Douro - with start dates from July 31 and prices starting at £2,345 per person.

Also on offer is Lisbon with Secrets of the Douro from Lisbon to Porto on an 11-day trip, with prices starting from £2,615. Sailings start on July 28.


Scenic is offering similar itineraries. There's an eight-day Porto to Porto trip - Delightful Douro - with prices starting at £2,545 from August 29.

Alternatively, Unforgettable Douro is an 11-day sailing from Porto to Porto. Prices from £3,745 and holidays starting from July 30.

Another option is an 11-day cruise from Lisbon to Porto - Delightful Douro with Lisbon - with prices starting from £3,200, sailing from August 26.

Meanwhile, Unforgettable Douro with Lisbon offers a 14-day itinerary from Lisbon to Portugal. Prices start at £4,400 with sailings from July 27.

Iceland is allowing visitors regardless of origin. Credit: Shutterstock

Iceland cruises

Fred.Olsen Cruises

Fred.Olsen is offering a nine-night Whales, Waterfalls and Geysers of Iceland trip sailing on August 14, with prices starting from £1,599.


For an 11-day Iceland cruise, there's Hurtigruten's Circumnavigating Iceland - The Land of Elves, Sagas and Volcanoes. Prices start from £3,971 sailing July 18 and July 28.

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