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Discover an ultra luxury all-inclusive expedition aboard Seabourn Venture

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Be one of the first to set sail on Seabourn Venture this July on a 12-day 'Northern Isles and the Viking Homeland' voyage.

What could be more thrilling than joining a brand new expedition ship for her maiden voyage?

Seabourn Venture is an ultra-luxury vessel designed to offer a unique travel experience in diverse environments. With a PC6 ice-strengthened hull, the ship features 132 sumptuous oceanfront suites, together with a host of expedition amenities and a 26-strong onboard expedition team of world-renowned scientists, historians and naturalists.

The ship will make her first voyage from London Tilbury to Tromso, Norway, on 15 July. On this 12-day ‘Northern Isles & The Viking Homeland’ trip, guests can learn about wildlife and history from the onboard experts; enjoy amazing complimentary tours and experiences, and opt for additional kayak or thrilling submersible adventures.

Along the way, Seabourn Venture will explore the wild and rugged Orkney and Shetland Islands, home to a wide variety of wildlife and UNESCO world heritage sites. Then, in Norway, guests can admire the historic Hanseatic wharf at Bergen, stroll around the beautiful art nouveau city of Alesund and marvel at Trollfjord, one of the country’s most renowned natural wonders.

Other highlights of the trip include a visit to Fair Isle, far out in the North Sea, where 55 inhabitants live in traditional crofts, sharing their remote home with sheep and seabirds.

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How the adventure unfolds, day by day...

15 July 2022

Board Seabourn Venture at Tilbury.

16 July

Sail down the Thames into the North Sea.

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17 & 18 July

Join the expedition team on deck to look out for migratory sea birds and marine mammals. Then adjourn to the Bow Lounge, where you can learn all about the ship’s navigation systems, or head for the Discovery Centre, where the expedition team will present fascinating talks about the adventures to come.

Starlink is available on Seabourn’s new expedition ships. Credit: Seabourn

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19 July

Copinsay & Kirkwall, Orkney Islands

Uninhabited since 1958, the island of Copinsay is a nature reserve with vast colonies of guillemots, kittiwakes, puffins and razorbills. Why not join the expedition team on an optional kayak tour* to see these amazing birds up close?

Later, in Kirkwall, you can visit medieval St Magnus Cathedral and stroll around the town’s winding alleys. On an included tour you’ll also be able to see the unique and world famous Neolithic settlement of Skara Brae.

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20 July

Fair Isle & Mousa, Shetlands

The most remote inhabited island in Britain, Fair Isle now belongs to the National Trust and is one of the best places in the world to see rare birds.

Fair Isle wool sweaters are renowned, and knitting is an important source of income for the islanders, who will welcome you for tea in their community hall on an included experience.

At uninhabited Mousa Island you can take an included Zodiac tour to visit the mysterious iron age roundhouse – known as a broch – and the largest known colony of European storm petrels.

The uninhabited Mousa Island is a great place for a spot of Puffin watching. Credit: Shutterstock

21 July

Lerwick, Shetlands (overnight stay)

Britain’s most northerly town is a small, bustling seaport with fine architecture and a fascinating museum. An included guided tour features the archaeological site of Jarlshof, where structures include a bronze age village, several Norse longhouses and a 16th-century laird’s house, spanning 5,000 years of history.

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23 July

Bergen, Norway

Founded in 1070, beautiful Bergen is one of Norway’s most popular port stops.

You can join an included guided tour to learn the history of the medieval city, or even take a dive in a submersible* and see the wreck of DS Draugen, a salvage vessel that hit a German mine in 1940.

Lerwick is the chief town of Scotland's Shetland Islands. Credit: Shutterstock

23 July

Olden & Loen, Norway

Cradled in a lush valley among snow- capped peaks, Olden is the gateway
to Mount Hoven, where a cable car (ticket included) carries visitors to the mountaintop for panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and the fjords below.

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From the village of Loen you can also visit Jostedalsbreen National Park, whose glaciers feed mighty Ramnefjellsfossen, the world’s third-highest waterfall.

On included tours you can enjoy a boat trip on Loen Lake or a hike to nearby Briksdal Glacier. Alternatively, you can go on a kayak tour* around stunning Nordfjord.

Guests will be able to view the magnificent Norwegian fjords. Credit: Shutterstock

24 July

Isle of Runde & Alesund, Norway

Runde is home to the widest variety of birds in Scandinavia, including 100,000 pairs of Atlantic puffins, which you’ll get to see (and hear) on an included Zodiac tour.

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Alesund dates from the 9th century but was rebuilt in the art nouveau style following a huge fire in 1904. Today its towers, turrets and romantic facades
– which you can enjoy on an included walking tour – make this one of the loveliest towns in Norway.

25 July

Day at sea

Immerse yourself in the picturesque town of Alesund with MSC Cruises. Credit: Shutterstock

26 July

Lofoten Islands & Trollfjord, Norway

The Lofoten archipelago is famed for some of the most beautiful scenery in Norway. First you’ll visit Svolvær, at the foot of Svolværgeita mountain, which is prized by artists for its exceptional light. Then, on Vestvagoy Island, an included tour will take you across stunning landscapes to the fascinating Viking Museum at Borg.

Trollfjord is one of Norway’s most famous sights but you approach from
an angle that hides it until the last moment. Then, suddenly, sheer cliffs rise on either side as your ship slips between the polished walls and the snow-capped peaks are revealed in all their glory.

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27 July


Disembark Seabourn Venture and travel to the airport for your flight home.

Get onboard

12-night ‘Northern Isles & The Viking Homeland’ cruise from Tilbury to Tromso, departing 15 July 2022, from £7,999 (£8,199 including flights). Limited availability; contact your travel agent, call 0344 338 8615 or visit

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