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Credit: Seabourn

What kind of food is on a cruise ship? Everything you need to know about luxury dining with Seabourn

Author: Lucy Abbott

Published on:

Seabourn serves up the very best of the best onboard cuisine that goes above and beyond expectations. Discover the range of ship dining venues for you to sample.

Combining the finest quality ingredients and authentic regional flavours with skilled chefs, Seabourn offers up an impressive array of dishes and dining venues.

Don’t be fooled by Seabourn’s small size, the choice of dining is unrivalled – offering everything from elegant to casual dining options.

What’s more, the open seating arrangement allows you to dine where, when and with whomever you wish – social butterflies rejoice.

Indulge in some tipple as complimentary fine wines are poured with lunch and dinner, and there is never an extra charge for any dining venue.

Even if you don’t fancy leaving your room, you can enjoy a meal in your sumptuous suite or on your private veranda, with the compliments of Seabourn.

Champagne enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Seabourn’s complimentary house champagne is Montaudon Brut – served as you are first greeted onboard by your suite attendant and available throughout the cruise if you fancy a glass (or two) more.

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Seabourn dining venues

Not only is Seabourn a member of one of the world’s most prestigious gastronomic societies, Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, but the line also flaunts this status in multiple dining venues, such as The Restaurant and the Colonnade.

Truly take advantage of the culinary team’s goal to produce menus using the freshest ingredients, with herbs, spices and specialities sourced from local markets.

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The Grill by Thomas Keller

Admire the luxurious level of detail and expertise that Seabourn possesses – which – can you believe it – is heightened by the line’s partnership with Michelin three-star chef Thomas Keller.

You won’t find this anywhere else - The Grill by Thomas Keller is a unique culinary concept, focusing on updated versions of iconic dishes, such as table-side preparations of Caesar salad and ice cream sundaes as well as premium steaks, whole roasted chicken and Lobster Thermidor, presented à la carte – now we’re hungry.

Enjoy menus from around the globe with Seabourn. Credit: Seabourn

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"As much as we all feel we want new food all the time," Keller says, "we keep going back to the perfect roasted chicken, a great veal chop, that beautiful Caesar salad. They're timeless."

Thomas Keller-inspired menus have also been created in The Restaurant and in The Colonnade where special theme nights feature Chef Keller-influenced dinners that pay homage to his childhood, where classic dishes, such as Clam Bake and BBQ Ribs are served on platters to complement the essence of sharing.

Menus from around the globe

When cruising around the world you should be able to expect to indulge in cuisine from around the globe – and Seabourn ensures you do just this.

The Restaurant is a sophisticated open seating venue that offers delectable choices, prepared-to-order "a la minute" by talented chefs.

Don’t read this on an empty stomach – dishes served in The Restaurant include rustic chicken consommé, served with root vegetables, or perhaps opt for a black truffle risotto and poached egg topped with a generous helping of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Seabourn offers Hamachi, tuna, shrimp and other fresh fish onboard. Credit: Seabourn

A more casual, indoor/outdoor dining venue is The Colonnade, featuring an open kitchen, lavish buffets or table service for breakfasts and lunch, also serving regionally themed, bistro-style dinners with table service nightly.

In a quest to offer yet more choices, Seabourn created the intimate Sushi on Seabourn Encore and Seabourn Ovation. Hamachi, tuna, shrimp and other fresh fish products are shipped from Japan and served à la carte for dinner.

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The menu also features caviar and small plates, along with maki rolls, sushi, sashimi and salads. There are also three varieties of bento boxes for lunch: meat, seafood and vegetarian.

Fleet-wide is also Earth & Ocean at The Patio – a glamorous alfresco venue for romantic candlelit dining, with a menu of regional cuisine developed by consulting Chef Anton Egger. Earth & Ocean has in fact been a huge success with Seabourn guests with one guest commenting: “We loved the menu… in fact, it was one of our favourite dining spots on the ship.

Indulge in caviar as a delicious onboard treat. Credit: Shutterstock

Snacks and sumptuous treats are very much part of the Seabourn Experience. A new house-made artisanal Gelati has been introduced with 30 different flavours. Where possible, ingredients are sourced locally, such as lemons from the Amalfi coast – see if you can try them all!

The best views on any cruise are from the deck, and Seabourn has created a range of eats that are served in the open air, ranging from a Keller-inspired signature Napa Burger at The Patio to ‘Caviar in the Ice’ offered amongst spectacular glacial scenery in the polar regions of Antarctica and Alaska.

Yet more culinary experiences...

A luxury cruise isn't just about what happens on the ship. Of course, we all love the luxuriously appointed suites, the delicious delicacies and attentive service that can be found onboard any Seabourn cruise, but the excursions ashore are also a highlight.

A standout culinary experience is visiting a local market with a Seabourn chef. Wherever you are in the world, as a Seabourn guest, you can enjoy an insider's look at unique regional markets and take advantage of an expert Seabourn chef as your guide.

Enjoy the unique and glamourous experience of the Caviar in the Surf beach party with Seabourn. Credit: Seabourn

What began as a casual gathering has become one of the company’s most anticipated shoreside activities. A small group of guests can visit a local market with the chef, watch them select fresh regional products and learn how they are prepared and served onboard – we’d take that over an episode of MasterChef any day.

Another favourite, taking place in a small cove or private beach in the Caribbean and Asia, is Seabourn’s complimentary Caviar in the Surf beach party.

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Sunbathe and relax on a picture-perfect beach while the Seabourn crew works diligently behind the scenes to make a dramatic appearance. In the distance, hear a rumble and see a speedboat approaching.

The crew disembarks, standing in waist-deep water, and places caviar and champagne on a surfboard. They wade into the shallows bearing their precious load and begin literally serving ‘caviar in the surf’. Luxury at its most spectacular and most magical!

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