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Jane McDonald on cruise 'scandal' - 'All morals go out of the window on a ship'

Author: Harriet Mallinson

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Jane McDonald has been gracing our TV screen over the past week in BBC TV show The Cruise which first aired in 1998. In one episode Jane spoke about finding love on cruises.

Jane McDonald has become well known for sharing with her fans the inside track on what really goes on during cruises.

In episode three of The Cruise, a young Jane spoke to a masseuse about the "scandals" that emerge onboard cruise ships.

Jane revealed that ships can prove a hotbed of passion - but you might go on to regret it.

"All morals go out of the window on a ship," she explained as she enjoyed a massage onboard cruise ship Galaxy (once part of the Celebrity Cruises fleet) during a Caribbean sailing.

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A big problem, she divulged, is that it's easy to convince yourself of the attractiveness of colleagues when you work in such close proximity for extended periods of time.

"Things happen on ships you would never do on land and you end up with people also that you would never look twice at on land," said Jane.

The star of The Cruise shared how she knew when to call it a night.

"My line in the staff bar used to be 'Please get me out of here because everybody's looking attractive now,'" she admitted.

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Jane McDonald: "All morals go out of the window on a ship," she explained as she enjoyed a massage. Credit: BBC

"The more beer I drank everybody got really attractive."

One reason romance flourishes at sea is because cruising is very "romantic," rationalised Jane.

"Everybody falls in love on ships," she said. "I mean it's the most romantic setting in the world, you've got the beautiful sunsets and you've got the gorgeous islands and the heat, I mean everybody just falls in love on a ship."

Of course, the feelings one has onboard might not last post-disembarkation.

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"You go back to land and think,' What have I done here?'" laughed Jane.

Jane McDonald did in fact find love on a cruise ship - and it did not endure.

The celebrity met ex-husband Henrik Blixen when he was working as a plumber onboard a cruise ship while she was filming.

The pair married in 1998 but broke up in 2002 after she "began to feel lonely" in the marriage.

Jane McDonald met ex-husband Henrik Blixen when he was working as a plumber. Credit: BBC

In episode one of The Cruise, Jane explained she could be "selfish" in relationships.

"I suppose I am difficult to live with because I am quite selfish, well I'm a lot selfish," she said.

"So I tend to forget the partner a lot; they give me all this attention, they've always got to be there for me, and I've not reciprocated and given that back which is very selfish of me and I apologise."

The Cruise documented her and Henrik's romance with their wedding even featured on the show.

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