Jane McDonald 'causes a stir' with ship deck antics 'I'll try anything once'

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Jane McDonald continued to entertain the nation over the Bank Holiday weekend with her latest Channel 5 episode of Cruising With Jane McDonald - and she even dared to bare.

Cruising with Jane McDonald aired on Sunday evening and saw the famous singer, 58, continue a Thames river cruise with some of her friends.

The group have enjoyed plenty of laughs during the trip - the first half of which was shown in last week's episode.

They visited Hampton Court Palace, dined on delicious food, learnt to navigate a lock and more.

In the latest - and final - showing, the pals were treated to a hot tub onboard a river cruiser.

The indulgent activity ended up "causing a stir with the locals," according to Jane.

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"If you told me that I would be about to jump into a hot tub on the back of a river cruiser sailing down the Thames in the middle of October I would have told you to jog on," the star told viewers ahead of the plunge.

In the show, the gang can be seen standing on deck in their white towel dressing gowns.

"Right I'm going in!" Jane proclaims, shedding her robe and revealing a blue swimsuit.

The first of the group to make the move, she clambers into the steaming tub.

"Oo it's like a bath... oo it's red hot!" she exclaims as the others follow suit.

Cruising with Jane McDonald: "Right I'm going in!" Jane proclaims, shedding her robe. Credit: Channel 5

"I'll try anything once," Jane cheekily tells viewers.

The hot tub is clearly a hit with the friends.

"Isn't this fabulous!" says the singer. "We need a drink," she adds...shortly before the group are handed glasses of champagne.

The river cruiser powers down the Thames and passes a number of pedestrians eager for a glimpse of Jane - and her unusual pastime.

"We're causing quite a stir with the locals," she cries as she waves to the passersby.

Jane McDonald: "Isn't this fabulous!" says the singer. "We need a drink." Credit: Channel 5

The episode wasn't all jollity, however.

The friends also gathered for a meal that saw Jane make a moving speech.

Jane said: "We have moments don’t we, that we want to remember forever."

"I never thought in a million years that I would be sat here on your two birthdays."

Fighting back tears, Jane continued: "This is what it’s all about, it’s all about making memories.

"It's all about having people that you love around you and I’m so thrilled that you’re here, so here’s to friendship."

Jane McDonald: "We're causing quite a stir with the locals." Credit: Channel 5
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The songstress has previously opened up about her hopes that the show will inspire others to spend more time with their nearest and dearest.

She told The Mirror: "If we know anything about what has happened in this past year, it’s that life is too short."

Jane went on: "This has taught me that life is for living and I will live it, even more, when we are allowed out again.

"I hope that people see what we were doing on that cruise and think, 'I want to do that with my family or my closest friends,' because it is an extremely special thing to do, to spend quality time with people that you love."

Jane’s long term partner, Ed Rothe, sadly passed away on March 26 from lung cancer.


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