Nikon's Nikkor Z is professional photographer Steve Dunlop's choice. Credit: Sony

Picture perfect: Four of the best cameras for your next cruise

Author: Will Payne

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Not sure how to capture your next cruise? We're here to help. Here are four cameras to consider

Whether you’re looking to shoot pictures or video, the Nikon Z50 will help you capture every part of your holiday in immaculate detail. Fast, powerful and easy to use, its lens lets in more light with a 20.9-megapixel sensor allowing for richer, bolder and more realistic colours.

The veteran travel photographer Steve Dunlop believes the camera’s tiltable liquid crystal display (LCD) screen helps to capture interesting angles, too. “You can also shoot top-quality video with this camera,” he adds.
Nikon Z50, £899,

This easy-to-use option offers a great balance of resolution and low-light performance, allowing you to capture cruise highlights from sunrise to sunset. A large image sensor gives more control, so you can always shoot the moments that matter.
Canon EOS R100, £599,

On a budget? Opt for this Canon camera. Credit: Canon

Weighing just 910g, the compact Nikon Z8 feels light and comfortable to hold. Its top-of-the-range lens captures incredibly sharp detail, ensuring you snap once-in-a-lifetime images on your next cruise.
Nikon Z8, £3,999,

Looking for a good mid-range camera? Try the Nikon Z8. Credit: Nikon

Tailored for wildlife photography, Sony’s ground-breaking shutter system captures images at 1/80,000 of a second, enabling you to freeze moments your eye can’t perceive.
Sony Alpha 9 III, £6,099,

Blow the budget on Sony's Alpha 9 111. Credit: Sony
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