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'Mouthwatering' food & an 'ultra-stylish' spa - Oceania boss gives sneak peek into newest ship

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Oceania Cruises pairs a luxurious cruise experience with some of the very best food at sea. We spoke to cruise boss Bernard Carter about what to expect on the newest ship.

Bernard Carter is senior vice president and managing director of Oceania Cruises.

In an exclusive interview with World of Cruising, he revealed the secrets of Oceania’s new 1,200-guest luxury ship Vista, launching 2023.

Best of the best

"We’re thrilled by Vista – she is an evolution of everything that Oceania Cruises has been developing over the past 20 years.

"We know our customers always love something new, and with Vista, we have taken the best of our existing fleet and added a bit more.

"For instance, the Grand Dining Room will have more nooks and private areas."

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The spa’s the star

"Vista is shaping up to be ultra-stylish. The new staterooms will be slightly larger than on our other ships, and they’ll feel open and airy with natural and calming colours.

"On top of that, our owner’s suites and the top-of-ship library will be styled exclusively by Ralph Lauren Home.

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"That will make Vista the only ship at sea to be styled with furnishings and artwork from this iconic designer.

"And I can’t wait to see the spa, which is being purpose-built. It will run across the breadth of the ship and it has a beautiful hydrotherapy pool."

Vista: "Our owner’s suites and the top-of-ship library will be styled exclusively by Ralph Lauren Home." Credit: Oceania Cruises

Taste sensations

"We’re very excited about our two new restaurants on the ship – Ember and Aquamar Kitchen. Ember will celebrate the best of American cuisine, with dishes such as beef ribs on polenta, grilled swordfish and crab cakes.

"Meanwhile Aquamar Kitchen will give guests the chance to enjoy healthy dining choices, so it will be a great spot for smoothies and salads.

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"I am also looking forward to sampling the all-day bakery in our new coffee shop Baristas.

"The thought of fresh bread and pastries being made all day makes my mouth water!"

Vista: "The Grand Dining Room will have more nooks and private areas." Credit: Oceania Cruises

Food for thought

"Since the pandemic, people are taking longer cruises – often journeys of up to 180 nights – so they want their dining experience to be as good as or better than they have at home.

"Oceania Cruises has always been renowned for its culinary expertise and we are now competing with Michelin-starred restaurants.

"The quality of food onboard our ships is amazing and it’s all included within the price. What’s more, if you want to enjoy two lobsters, you can have them.

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"The majority of our guests are epicureans but they don’t realise it until they take an Oceania cruise.

"They really enjoy the food onboard and particularly love the grilled lobster, crab cakes and osso buco.

"Our guests are well travelled so they like to try out different dishes. They have open minds."

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