Princess Cays is the line's private resort in the Bahamas. Credit: Princess Cruises

Discover the paradise of Princess Cays on your perfect cruise

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Princess Cays offers everything you could ever dream of in the form of an idyllic private island resort, right – where can we book?

What do you, Celine Dion, Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson have in common? Access to a private island resort, of course.

On a sun-soaked Caribbean sailing with Princess Cruises, you’ll be wandering around Princess Cays – is the line's private island resort in the Bahamas.

At 100 miles long and only two miles wide, the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas offers over half a mile of white-sand shoreline as well as a local craft market to browse.

What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy a private beach party when visiting the island, taste some mouth-watering cuisine at the beach barbeque, and sip on a fruity cocktail – is this heaven?

It’s the perfect fusion of a natural paradise and every amenity you’d ever need, read on to find out what you can expect from your visit to Princess Cays

Lagoon clear-bottom kayaking adventure
Gaze at stunning sea turtles, eels, clownfish and angel fish that drift by on your clear-bottom kayak adventure with Princess Cruises.

You’ll begin by meeting your guide for the all-important safety lesson before stepping onboard your kayak and pushing yourself out onto the crystal-clear water.

As you float around, you’ll learn countless fun facts and a whole influx of knowledge about the lagoon’s tides, is rainbow-coloured flora and fauna as well as how the lagoon’s mangroves are a breeding ground for countless species of marine life.

And what makes this excursion special is your clear-bottomed kayak, which gives you unrivalled access to the water below. You’ll spend a generous hour and 15 minutes enjoying the sights and lapping up some new information to impress your cruise-mates with at dinner time.

Princess Cruises traveller Denny T reviewed this excursion at five stars and commented: “Great excursion! Held sea creatures I have never seen before. Guide was excellent. Kayaks are for two people, I paddled one myself as it was an odd-numbered group. It was not a lot of paddling, don’t worry about being in top shape”.

Discover an underwater world of dazzling, colourful reefs. Credit: Shutterstock

Hobie Wave sailboat rental
Always fancied yourself as a master of the seas? Well, this Hobie Wave Sailboat rental with Princess Cruises is perfect for you to feel the wind flow through your hair and the sparkling sun on your face.

The Hobie Wave is an easy-to-rig and easy-to-sail speedster that is suitable for experienced sailors. You’ll be impressed by the large, boomless mainsail that provides plenty of power in a light breeze and twists off if the wind picks up for further control.

For you solo cruisers, don’t worry, you can enjoy this activity solo or with a friend. Don’t forget to look back at the island to gaze at the impressive views that surround you.

Again, this is a very highly rated cruise excursion and don’t just take our word for it, a regular Princess cruiser commented: “We always reserve a Hobie when we are at Princess Cay because they are simple to sail and it is very relaxing to glide over the water with the sun adding warmth and the spray from the waves providing a cooling and refreshing touch. You need to understand the basic principles of sailing to operate a Hobie but after that they are very forgiving and easily controlled”.

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Snorkelling at Princess Cays
It’s not just a snorkelling excursion, it’s an Animal Planet Exclusive tour, courtesy of Princess Cruises.

Board your custom-built 42-foot snorkel boat at the Princess Cays marina before setting off for an adventure worth writing home about.

Drink in views of the Southern coast of Eleuthera to the snorkel site where you’ll have an hour to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ about what you find in the shallow reef and its colourful inhabitants.

Expect to admire strands of coral, gorgonians, sponges and perhaps a turtle or ray if you get lucky enough.

All the snorkelling equipment is included (including the snorkel vest), so no worrying about bringing anything with you.

We think ‘Will the Thrill’, fellow Princess Cruises guest, summarises it best: “I’ve been on a few snorkelling excursions in the past and think this was the best experience. The reef had plenty of fish of all sizes and went from shallow to 20 feet deep.

“The crew was helpful and friendly. I was glad to find that life vests were not required so that freediving was possible. Also appreciated was the size of the group was small enough that I didn’t feel crowded while in the water”.

Snorkelling adventures await with Princess Cruises. Credit: Princess Cruises

Sanctuary Bungalow Rental
To continue that ‘Princess’ feeling when offboard, we recommend you treat yourself to a shoreside air-conditioned bungalow in the new adults-only area - The Sanctuary at Princess Cays.

If you seek an intimate escape then this is right up your street, with your own sun loungers and an individual open-air shower.

You’ll also bask in the enjoyment of having a friendly staff member to take your drink orders and show you around the area – and this VIP service begins when you first step foot off the ship, with priority tender tickets and transport to your bungalow.

To reach the water, simply saunter down the path of the beach and perhaps choose to enhance this experience with a gourmet picnic to indulge in. You can also use your Princess Plus and Princess Premier Packages shoreside – pay for drinks on your package with your Medallion, just as you would on the ship.

Stingray Beach Encounter
Swim with majestic stingrays in this truly special excursion with Princess Cruises.

You'll learn how to safely interact with stingrays before getting into the water to feel their silky bodies stroke against your legs, trust us – they are more friendly than they look.

Enrich your knowledge through the expert guides who inform you about how these creatures survive in the Caribbean before heading over to an enclosed area for a show and tell, where you can touch and learn about Bahamian marine wildlife such as sea stars.

Janice, a fellow Princess Cruises guest puts it best: “The stingray encounter was amazing, it was a lifelong dream to interact with these incredible gentle creatures. The trainer was very knowledgeable and was so good with stingrays. I highly recommend this to everyone”.

If you’d like to enrich your cruising experience and boast that you have something in common with some top-notch celebrities, then don’t hesitate to book a Princess cruise to the Caribbean.

Relish the opportunity to swim with stingrays. Credit: Shutterstock
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