With Fred. Olsen Jr at its helm, the family-run cruise line retains its Norwegian roots.

Cruise the Olsen Way: Why you should choose Fred. Olsen for your next holiday

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Every cruise line claims to offer unique experiences on board and ashore. However, with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, you are guaranteed a cruise like no other.

In recent years, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has developed a series of principles, called The Olsen Way, that define and shape every moment during a cruise.

These principles sum up everything that make the line special – and what it is known and respected for.

Proud to sail its own course
First on this list is that Fred. Olsen is ‘proud to sail its own course’. The line is not afraid to be different, and it won’t follow the crowd just because something is shiny and new. Cabins are called cabins, and ships look like ships.

This feeds into its ‘smaller is better’ mantra. The line’s four ships – Bolette, Borealis, Balmoral, and Braemar – are what you would define as small ships, and Fred. Olsen is proud of that.

From ports of call that larger ships cannot access, to a warm and an intimate atmosphere on board, sailing on a Fred. Olsen ship feels like coming home. It’s familiar, cosy, and welcoming.

Crew will be able to spend more time with guests. Credit: Fred. Olsen

The same can be said of the itineraries, all hand-crafted, not mass produced, to offer you something that doesn’t follow the norms and the well-trodden paths.

For example, in the 2023/2024 programme, you can explore Norway’s famous Langfoss Waterfall in the spring, when the water is at its heaviest – caused by the melting snow caps, take in the remote islands of the Azores, and visit Lapland in the summer months.

Fred. Olsen will also cruise scenic waterways that are out of reach to larger ships, including the Kiel Canal and the Seine and Loire rivers.

All this and more can be experienced on board with a first-class crew that truly go above and beyond in everything they do. As The Olsen Way puts it: "It’s all about the people, all of it. Everything."

Braemar is the smallest ship in the Fred. Olsen fleet, and has an uncrowded, intimate feel. Credit: Fred. Olsen

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Travellers, not tourists
Away from the ships, during shore excursions, your time with Fred. Olsen will immerse you in local cultures and ways of life, as well as journeying to the must-see sites, you’ll also see a more authentic view of your destination which is off-the-beaten-track..

Take, for example, the opportunities available in Madeira, where you can meet with a local orchid expert to tour gardens, including a family-run orchid farm.

You will be a traveller, not a tourist, taking in the joy of the journey at every turn. Whether you are out and about on an excursion, or stargazing from the sun deck at night, every moment is full of elegance and simplicity, with attention to the even the finest details. It’s also all done in a respectful way that protects natural beauty and local people of all destinations.

Best of all, your cruise will be in the best of company, or, to put it in Norwegian: "I det beste selskap." Your fellow cruisers will be like-minded people and the crew genuinely friendly, taking time to understand you and how they can make your time on board that bit more memorable. After all, after five generations of seafaring, maritime is in Fred. Olsen’s DNA.

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