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A Rhine River cruise is an experience indeed. If you want to book the best Rhine River cruise 2022, 2023 or 2024 you’re in the right place.

With a Rhine River cruise itinerary, you can prepare to see many ancient castles, vineyards, medieval villages, and the historic grandeur of old cities, such as Strasbourg and Koblenz. The region has been an increasingly popular choice for writers, composers, artists and the common traveller over the centuries.

The Rhine River is one of Europe’s longest rivers, beginning in the Swiss Alps, and most Rhine River cruises begin around Basel, where Switzerland meets France and Germany. The river passes through six countries, including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France, and the Netherlands as it goes. You can be sure to explore the many unmissable sights in these regions.

So, how long is the Rhine River cruise? With a choice of durations, there’s a cruise to suit everyone. Short sailings last around three, four or five nights. Short cruises to the Rhine are popular in November and December as many enjoy the experience of the region’s festive Christmas markets. Seven to 14 night cruises typically run from Amsterdam, taking in more sights along the river. Longer cruises along the Rhine are popular during the spring as they are extremely picturesque with carpets of colourful tulips covering many of the riverbanks.

As for when to book a Rhine River Cruise, a cruise to the Rhine is guaranteed to be memorable, regardless of whether you choose a holiday during spring, summer, autumn or winter. Late April to early June and September to early October are the best times to cruise the Rhine River. Though cruise prices are higher during these popular times, you may want ideal weather and crowds, as the summer months are hot and receive the highest volume of tourist traffic. While chilly, November is the most economical month to take a Rhine cruise. Cruising the Rhine is a popular year-round holiday that offers something different in every season. Therefore, when to take a Rhine River cruise is largely based on your own preference of weather and what you want from the holiday.

Find out more about Rhine cruises 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond below.

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Cruising Down the Rhine: Frequently Asked Questions

What to see on a Rhine River cruise?

The best Rhine River cruises will include seeing fascinating landscapes encompassing rolling hills with medieval castles and fortresses, historic villages, rock formations, and monuments. No other river in Europe has so many famous historic cities along its banks. Below is a list of scenic spots you may pass:

  • Drachenburg Castle: In Konigswinter, Germany, the castle overlooks the Rhine River and includes pompously decorated rooms, vast gardens and stunning views plus an annual Christmas market.
  • Stolzenfels Castle: Just outside of Koblenz, Germany, the fortress castle has a romantic atmosphere and is a prime example of 13th-century Rhine Romanticism.
  • Marksburg Castle: High on a hill in Braubach, Germany, the castle is preserved with all of its medieval charm. A tour takes you around the kitchen, chapel, armoury chamber, wine cellar and more.
  • Lorelei rock formation: Near Sank Goarshausen, Germany, the rock formation is surrounded by myths regarding a beautiful maiden who sat atop the cliff and serenaded sailors with her voice.
  • Niederwald monument: Up the stream towards Rudesheim, Germany, a huge monument appears on a hill in commemoration of the 1871 unification of Germany after the Franco-Prussian War.

What is the best Rhine River cruise?

So, what is the best Rhine River cruise line? Luckily there are multiple options for a cruise along the Rhine River, from a quick two night Rhine River cruise to luxurious, all-inclusive river cruises. A list of Rhine River cruise lines is below:

Viking River Cruises - best known for its comfortable river cruises, Viking offers culturally rich experiences and picturesque itineraries.

UNIWORLD River Cruises - offers luxury river cruises with unique and inspiring destinations.

Avalon Waterways
- offers extraordinary experiences, best for seasoned travelers who are destination oriented and who want a cruise that focuses on history and culture.

Emerald – offers good value and friendly service, appealing to young cruisers and travelers looking for moderately priced, all-inclusive journeys.

A-ROSA – offers more affordable cruises with a relaxed atmosphere and fantastic facilities.

AmaWaterways – offers high-rated ships and luxurious river cruises with top ratings and reviews for their most popular European itineraries.

What to wear on a Rhine River cruise?

Now, what do you wear on a Rhine River cruise? When packing for European river cruises, much of the focus is on excursions and cultural experiences, so you’ll want to bring casual clothes that are comfortable. The dress code on a river cruise is much more relaxed, though it can be a little smarter in the evening, so do check with your cruise line. When choosing a holiday wardrobe, many cruise guests choose to wear jeans, skirts or shorts while on a tour around a medieval village or historic city during the day. You’ll want to bring layers to deal with changeable weather, a jumper if there’s a breeze, and a water-resistant jacket if it rains. Make sure to pack sunglasses and a hat, as you may experience some rather sunny days. Lastly, it’s best to be prepared for several excursions with a pair of comfortable shoes.

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