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Enjoy new and unexpected tours in the Caribbean with Oceania Cruises - from visiting honeybees to milking goats

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Oceania Cruises offers a variety of diverse voyages to the Caribbean which will give you the ultimate tropical getaway. Find out what makes these cruises to the Caribbean so exclusive…

Enjoy a Caribbean cruise unlike no other with Oceania Cruises where you’ll be taken to some real hidden treasures and lesser-visited locations away from the main sights.

Regardless of what Caribbean itinerary you choose, each Oceania Cruise will stop off in some beautiful boutique ports such as the ever-loved Rodney Bay in St Lucia which boasts awe-inspiring island scenery and the must-see Piton Mountains.

For an intriguing merge of Swedish, French and Caribbean heritage, check out an itinerary which calls at the volcanic island of Gustavia in St Barthelemy.

On top of these mesmerising port cities, Oceania Cruise’s immersive tours really enhance your whole Caribbean experience, with some once-in-a-lifetime experiences and unique opportunities waiting to be discovered…

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Caribbean shore excursions with Oceania Cruises

You’re in for a treat when it comes to the vast range of unbelievable Caribbean tours. As you jump on and off the ship in different destinations, take time to connect to each destination culturally thanks to the in-depth immersive and educational visits, packed with foodie highlights, exploration adventures and cultural insights.

Culinary Discovery Tour with Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises’ collection of Culinary Discovery Tours will allow you to uncover the rich culture of the Caribbean through the wonders of mouth-watering food.

One of these culinary excursion highlights includes a cruise to the vibrant Puerto Rican port of San Juan where you can immerse yourself in the agriculture and eco-friendly nature of a local, family-run farm, Frutos Del Guacabo.

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You’ll be accompanied by a professional chef who will provide an interesting insight into how the land and plants are grown pesticide and fertiliser free before you sample some of the organic, locally sourced produce.

Even enjoy the rare opportunity to milk one of the farm’s friendly goats!

Admire the vibrancy of San Juan. Credit: Shutterstock

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Go Local Tour with Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises’ Go Local Tours are perfect for those who wish to immerse themselves in a destination's culture and way of life by involving themselves in a range of enriching community activities.

If your Caribbean cruise ship calls at the port of Kralendijk in Bonaire, you’ll get to walk through its enchanting historical streets, accompanied by a local knowledgeable guide.

Along with some stunning architectural sightings such as the Fort Oranje and the Parliament House, history buffs will be entranced by the previous Dutch influence of Bonaire dating back to the 17th century.

In the Terramar Museum, feast your eyes upon an entertaining performance of costumed characters recounting their past in Bonaire for an even deeper insight and unique perspective.

Make the most of a local guide when exploring the colourful Kralendijk. Credit: Shutterstock

Go Green Tour, Oceania Cruises

Go Green Tours provided by Oceania Cruises boast interactive and rewarding excursions which allow cruise guests to uncover the benefits of biodiversity, and explore the importance of sustainability.

A unique example excursion that you could experience is a honeybee visit in Castries in St Lucia.

This tour is sure to get you buzzing with excitement as you gain insight into how these precious creatures contribute to the environment.

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From the safety of an observation room, you’ll be able to observe skilled beekeepers examining the hives and ensuring the production of honey is running smoothly and safely.

Along with an abundance of fascinating information on pollination and the history of beekeeping, you can look forward to sampling the sweet nectar, or perhaps attempt to make a scented beeswax candle, for a truly hands-on and memorable activity.

Explore Castries, St Lucia before your honeybee visit. Credit: Shutterstock

Caribbean cruise itinerary highlight

There are plenty of exciting Caribbean escapes to choose from with Oceania Cruises; Crystalline Caribbean is one of the many dreamy voyages that you could experience this year.

Aboard Oceania Cruises’ Sirena, you could enjoy a 10-day roundtrip from Barbados, sailing to some truly remarkable places.

Departing on December 10, explore a melting pot of African, American and British culture in Barbados’ capital, Bridgetown, before setting off to Gustavia town in St Barts.

As the capital of the French overseas, travellers can enjoy some fantastic French cuisine, visit some fancy boutiques or enjoy the warm climate on one of the many unspoilt beaches.

Your next port of call on this cruise around the Caribbean will take you to St John's in Antigua where you can bask in the sun on white sandy shores or involve yourself in an assortment of sea sports.

Also, stroll along Nelson’s dockyard or head off the beaten track to meet welcoming locals in characteristic seaside villages. On top of this, there are plenty of historical ruins here and of course, the prominent Saint John’s Cathedral.

Sirena will then glide into Îles des Saintes where you’ll be made to feel like you’re on your own little secluded islands with a close-knit community due to the low population size and the laid-back environment.

Bask in the sun on the sandy beaches in Saint John's. Credit: Shutterstock

These islands are also blessed with some idyllic hiking spots which will open you up to some exotic flora and fauna and some glistening coastal views.

Then explore charming Roseau in Dominica and then Fort de France in Martinique the following day.

As you visit both of these Oceania Cruises ports of call back to back, you’ll be able to contrast their different personalities and attractive perks.

With Roseau island being notorious for typical Caribbean scenery – boasting verdant rainforest areas packed with colourful plants and birdlife, and Fort de France hosting an abundance of French architecture and La Savane central park, this part of the cruise will give you two very different and valuable experiences within a short space of time.

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From banana plantation adventures to spotting gingerbread architecture whilst in St Lucia, the ship then sails to Castries and then onto the popular tourist destination of Kingstown to uncover the turbulent past of St Vincent, linking back to the history of both World Wars.

Be sure to visit the botanical gardens in your final port of call in the Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago.

Oceania Cruises’ perfectly curated Caribbean itineraries ensure you’ll drop into charming cities packed with history, absorb magical dense forests, and relax on serene beaches.

If you dream of heading to this picturesque region and encountering all of these moments, it’s worth booking one of these getaways with Oceania Cruises.

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