Pickleball is the new sport that's sweeping cruise ships. Credit: Shutterstock

The power of pickleball

Author: Vicky Mayer

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Best likened to outdoor ping-pong - with a dash of badminton – pickleball is the sporting craze that’s sweeping the world’s cruise ships

River line AmaWaterways is the latest to offer this fun, easy-to-learn game on the top deck of its supersized Danube cruiser AmaMagna.

Pickleball is suitable for all fitness levels, and we can’t wait to give it a try, especially when it has so many health benefits...

It’s a great way to lose weight

Played at a moderate pace, an hour’s pickleball burns around 600 calories – which is handy if you have a weakness for second helpings at the buffet.

It’s good for your heart

As an aerobic sport, pickleball makes a great cardiovascular workout. Played regularly, it can lower your risk of heart disease and improve your lung function, too.

Pickleball is a paddle sport. Credit: Shutterstock

It relieves stress

Something on your mind? Pickleball will make you forget it – and with your body releasing a surge of endorphins, you’ll soon have the smile back on your face.

It even sharpens your memory

Pickleball is a fast-paced game that requires split-second decisions, keeping your cognitive function in tip-top order.

It’s a social sport

Playing pickleball is a fun and sociable way to meet people. With clubs and leagues springing up around the country, there’s sure to be one near you.
(see pickleballengland.org)

A pickleball ball can have between 26 and 40 evenly spaced holes. Credit: Shutterstock

Step on it

You don’t have to pile on the pounds while you’re at sea. In fact, cruising is a great way to get fitter, whether you’re running laps on deck or just counting your steps (10,000 a day is easy on a big ship).

Either way, look out for a brilliant range of men’s and women’s trainers from Asics, available from John Lewis or Marks & Spencer, with prices from about £60.

Expert tip

Grace Pascale, a registered dietitian nutritionist, says, "Beetroot is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce the risk of heart disease, as well as supporting gut health and lowering blood pressure.

"This versatile vegetable is packed with several essential nutrients such as iron, potassium and vitamin C, and is also a great source of dietary fibre. Slice it up liberally in salads or use it to make a low-calorie cake."

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