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4 features to look forward to onboard a Princess Cruises ship

Author: Lucy Abbott

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Princess Cruises offers you a whole host of beautiful vessels to cruise the world upon. Discover how every Princess ship is a destination within itself, with plenty to see, eat and do.

Choosing the right cruise ship for you is extremely important – after all – the Princess Cruises ship you choose will be your trusty vessel throughout the entirety of your adventure.

Princess Cruises offers a staggering 15 cruise ships to choose from, therefore, depending on where you go, you can enjoy the luxury of choice.

Each of Princess’ cruise ships offers the same signature features such as the Princess Theatre, musical production shows, comedians and performers, the Lotus Spa and fitness centre, art gallery, sparkling pools and hot tubs.

So, while you are exploring new, exciting destinations you can feel comfortable in the familiarity of a Princess Cruises ship – a true home away from home.

After all, we all know how vital the onboard experience is, so learn what exactly you can look forward to – no matter which ship you choose.

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Princess Cruises: A perk of sailing with Princess is the cruise line’s award-winning OceanMedallion wearable device. Credit: Princess Cruises

1. Princess MedallionClass

It’s the future of cruising, Princess MedallionClass makes the entirety of your cruise experience even easier and – what’s more – MedallionClass is available onboard every ship in the fleet.

Enjoy the freedom of being able to dine when, how and where you like, with reservations easier to make than ever before - all thanks to Princess.

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Small but mighty, the Medallion is around the size of a 10 pence coin and gives you access to unlimited Wi-Fi, easy stateroom entry as well as getting whatever you want delivered to exactly where you are on the ship with OceanNow.

Do you have a bad habit of getting lost onboard cruise ships? We have all been there – but luckily, the MedallionClass app is the most efficient way to navigate your ship to find your way to the most important place of all – the restaurants.

Enjoy a cheeky glass of tipple with Princess. Credit: Princess Cruises

2. Speciality dining onboard Princess

It’s everyone’s favourite part of cruising – the food.

Princess Cruises is known for providing consistently beautiful dishes, with most ships featuring five fine dining options, making it the ultimate cruise line for foodies.

For a glass (or two… or three) of wine, the aptly named Vines is the place to be. Watch in awe as an endless selection of wine becomes available to you to purchase and taste.

There isn’t just wine, you can mix it up with fine Champagne, sparkling wines and regional offerings to take a piece of your Princess experience home with you. What makes it even better is the fact that a crafted selection of gourmet cuisine is served on a complimentary basis alongside any wine purchase.

So, tuck into some tapas and antipasti boards and let the flavours melt on your tongue, complemented by your wine purchase – can we go, please?

Sabatini's Italian Trattoria offers handmade pasta, prepared fresh daily. Credit: Princess Cruises

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Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria is another standout fine dining restaurant reflecting the fine attention to detail that Italians take immense pride in, and for good reason.

Savour a Grana Padano Cheese Fondue and an Italian meats & olives platter for starters before experiencing the flavour explosion that is the roasted lamb tortelloni – careful, don’t dribble on your screen.

You can also dive into the world of pasta with a handmade pasta course and learn treasured family recipes to impress your friends at home.

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What’s more, Chocolate Journeys is a state-of-the-art way to experience something new in the form of everyone’s favourite naughty treat – chocolate. Indulge in a selection of chocolate desserts and get your Augustus Gloop on.

For those who love a cheeky glass of tipple, the Good Spirits At Sea bar is an interactive bar where you can travel around the world with your drink in hand.

There are plenty of activities to keep kids of all ages entertained. Credit: Princess Cruises

3. Cruising for kids

Not only does Princess Cruises feature an impressive amount of speciality restaurants to please every type of fussy eater in the family, but the line also features family-friendly staterooms and a range of entertainment for every age.

For the little uns that are aged three to twelve, the fun never ends with Princess. Kids can make delicious cakes in the JrCHEF@Sea class and learn how to do some pretty impressive magic tricks, ready to bamboozle the whole family.

Kids will be running to play XBOX Kinect, Nintendo Wii and the PlayStation so they can get their technology fix at sea without cluttering up the precious suitcase space.

For the teens who simply want a place to chillax (as the kids say…right?), Princess has the perfect hangout spot – the beach house. Late-night film screenings, video game tournaments and sports competitions await, not to mention the Rock the Boat teens-only party where the mocktails will be flowing.

Beyond kids’ clubs and teen entertainment, Princess also brings exciting family favourite TV shows onboard, such as The Voice (of the Ocean), taking this talent show to the sea.

Enjoy an evening watching Movies Under The Stars with Princess Cruises. Credit: Princess Cruises

4. Movies Under The Stars

Sit back and reach the ultimate level of entertainment with Princess Cruises – relax your mind further by escaping to the world of cinema in an open-air poolside theatre.

In the evening you can enjoy Movies Under The Stars which boasts a massive screen – lucky you. So, watch your favourite classic film or perhaps go to a screening of a modern blockbuster, the choice is yours.

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Just imagine it, getting cosy underneath a fleecy blanket while popping a piece of fresh, buttery popcorn in your mouth, watching a captivating film. Or even dipping a freshly baked cookie in milk while watching an exciting action scene.

We had a hard time just picking four highlights of Princess Cruises fleet, so find out what the hype is about yourself and book on now – we are!

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