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Discover polar bears, walruses and whales on Seabourn’s Arctic cruises

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Seabourn has revealed an adventurous selection of Arctic Northeast and Northwest passage cruises bursting with wildlife and memorable landscapes for summer 2023.

Fancy an Arctic adventure? If so, Seabourn has you covered with a range of voyages to the Northeast and Northwest passages in the Arctic, visiting once-in-a-lifetime destinations such as Nome, Alaska and Arctic Russia.

Discover regions less travelled onboard the new purpose-built expedition ships Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit, both of which are offering Seabourn’s first voyages to the two passages in the Arctic.

Follow in the footsteps of great explorers when embarking on an expedition to the Northeast passage, the route between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and along the Arctic coasts of Norway and Russia.

Meanwhile, the Northwest passage is the route between the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans, alongside the northern coast of North America through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Find out more about the amazing cruises that luxury cruise line Seabourn offers with two handpicked itineraries…

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Arctic wildlife cruise

Polar bears, Atlantic walruses, bowhead whales and a range of seabirds await on Seabourn Venture’s 26-day ‘Journey Across the Northeast Passage’ itinerary, departing July 29, 2023.

Explore this remote area and be humbled by the fact that very few have explored the Northeast passage - a true voyage of discovery.

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This Seabourn cruise is a staggering 26 days for a reason - there is simply so much to explore. Navigate across the top of Norway and Arctic Russia and stand in awe at the endless frozen landscapes before waving to some impressive polar bears on Wrangel Island in Russia.

Russia also offers many intriguing destinations such as Murmansk, where you can visit the world first nuclear-powered icebreaker, Lenin, or Novaya Zemlya, where adventurers can explore the remote Russian High Arctic in style by Zodiac or kayak, or by a good old-fashioned hike.

Admire the beauty of Storstappen island and the wildlife that surrounds it with Seabourn. Credit: Shutterstock

The primary animal hotspot in Russia is the Russian Arctic National Park, where you can spot countless protected species.

In fact, throughout your cruise be sure to keep one eye open for any sea life which might glide past or perhaps look up to spot seabirds nesting on nearby cliffs - especially in Storstappen Island which is a haven for thousands of breeding seabirds.

Arctic adventure cruise

Traverse the route of adventure books, the Northwest passage, on the 21-day ‘Journey Across the Northwest Passage’ onboard Seabourn Pursuit, departing August 26, 2023.

Feel like a true explorer when gliding via kayak, Zodiac and even submarine, led by the expedition team to explore the famous passage up close and personally.

Explore Inuit towns like Cambridge Bay with Seabourn. Credit: Shutterstock

During your cruise, you will also have the amazing opportunity to explore small Inuit towns like Cambridge Bay and admire how modern life has reached the people of the Arctic.

What’s more, you can partake in a guided walk through Pond Inlet in Nunavut, Canada by the local Inuit residents.

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Hold your breath as you cruise through the ice-clad Bellot Strait, one of the passage’s trickiest gaps, separating the Boothia Peninsula, which juts out northwards, from Somerset Island.

The Northwest passage also offers plenty of exciting sightings of wildlife both in the water and on sea ice - so be sure to keep an eye out and your camera poised.

Seabourn Venture has wilderness experts and naturalists onboard. Credit: Seabourn

Arctic cruise ships

Both Seabourn Pursuit and Seabourn Venture embody everything an Arctic expedition cruise ship is meant to be: modern, innovative and luxurious.

Designed specifically for the ultra-luxury expedition traveller, both ships take inspiration from what makes previous Seabourn ships so special, such as unrivalled service from the staff onboard.

In fact, you can enjoy the knowledge of a well-travelled expedition team comprising of wilderness experts, scientists, historians and naturalists - get ready for all your burning questions to be answered either over a casual conversation at lunch or during a formal presentation.

The expedition Lounge and Discovery Centre onboard act as the perfect base to engage with fellow passengers and reflect on your exciting day of discovery.

So, if you want to escape from everyday life then you could not get further from it with an Arctic cruise - be transformed into an adventurer and embrace this once in a lifetime experience.

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