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Free Wi-Fi, 300 fresh recipes & new musical shows - Seabourn's latest offerings

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Seabourn has revealed a raft of exciting new features and services the luxury cruise line's fleet will benefit from as cruises and holidays resume.

Seabourn has developed new and enhanced services across eight areas, including housekeeping, culinary, entertainment, embarkation, safety and more.

“We are always thinking of new and more innovative ways to ensure we provide the best luxury hospitality experience to our guests,” said Gerald Mosslinger, Seabourn’s senior vice president of Guest Operations.

“Over the past 18 months, we examined our onboard amenities and services, from culinary to entertainment to technology, and guests will find even more ways where we’re creating memorable Seabourn Moments.”

Guests can expect the following updates to their Seabourn cruise.

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1. Enhanced food and beverage offerings

More than 300 new recipes await guests on their next voyage, along with new culinary offerings in several venues.

Start the day with Breakfast at The Patio (pictured above), providing another morning al fresco option poolside featuring a daily menu of items and lighter fare, including vegan, vegetarian and plant-based options, freshly made juices, as well as classic breakfast dishes.

For pre-dinner cocktails, The Club now features a revamped cocktail hour, offering a creative new menu of small bites that changes daily, live music and enhanced playlists, with the fun extending to the outdoor deck space immediately outside.

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2. New and Enhanced Entertainment Offerings

Seabourn has developed four new and enhanced entertainment experiences, including a new exciting production show on Seabourn Ovation, Latin Quarter, showcasing the dances and music of Latin America, and Serenade, a classical concert on deck during sail away events.

Seabourn cruises: great for foodies. Credit: Seabourn

3. Seabourn Source

Seabourn has released an all-new state-of-the-art app, Seabourn Source, which puts the luxury of Seabourn at your fingertips. Available for Apple iPhones or Android, the app features the ability to view the day’s events on your screen, order ahead a fresh cappuccino or latte in Seabourn Square and make reservations in dining outlets including The Grill by Thomas Keller.

The mobile app also lets guests retrieve digital boarding passes to expedite the embarkation process and they can also prepare required health assessments for each member of their party before embarkation.

Within Source guests can use Uncorkd to access extensive lists of hundreds of wines or learn about different varietals during onboard wine lectures.

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4. New all-inclusive complimentary Wi-Fi

Seabourn has tripled the bandwidth on board for guests and Wi-Fi service is now complimentary, with unlimited minutes for all bookings on every ship, making it easier for guests to stay connected while they travel with Seabourn.

Under this new system, two tiers of Wi‑Fi packages will be available for guests. The service allows unlimited browsing, email, and social media access.

Guests needing additional bandwidth for more devices, video streaming or cloud storage services can upgrade their package at a nominal service charge.

Seabourn has tripled the bandwidth on board for guests and Wi-Fi service is now free so you can enjoy throughout the ship. Credit: Seabourn

5. New Housekeeping Teams

The onboard housekeeping team will now consist of a two-person team servicing each suite to include one Suite Host and one Suite Attendant, replacing the former single Suite Stewardess position.

Both the Suite Host and Suite Attendant will service their assigned suites to the highest Seabourn standards, ensuring guests’ every preference is met and striving to exceed their expectations throughout the voyage.

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6. Streamlined Embarkation Process

Seabourn has simplified and automated the check-in process with “mBark” enabling guests to go from curbside to the ship faster. Including a mobile boarding pass, guests are now provided with a specific assigned embarkation time.

The electronic boarding pass is scanned when they arrive at the terminal and once onboard, they will be escorted straight to their suites, which will already be prepared, allowing them to settle in and start enjoying their cruise right away.

Seabourn cruises: The onboard housekeeping team will now consist of a two-person team servicing each suite. Credit: Seabourn

7. “e-Mustering”

Seabourn has redesigned the safety briefings to an e-mustering process where guests can complete the safety briefing from the comfort of their suite by watching the mandatory safety video on the TV.

Guests then need to visit their designated muster station anytime between boarding and 30 minutes before the ship departs and listen to the captain’s announcement.

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8. Health and Safety

With the support of a world-class medical advisory panel, Seabourn has put in place a holistic approach to health and safety designed to provide travellers with enhanced confidence and comfort.

The protocols include pre-cruise testing, verification of vaccination status, onboard screening, enhanced levels of cleaning and other steps to help travellers feel confident while they are on board.

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