TV and film actor, and presenter, Stephen Mangan, was on hosting duties for the 2022 Wave Awards. Credit: AG Studios

Stephen Mangan: ‘My dream cruise companion? Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith. They’d keep us laughing at sea...’

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The star of Green Wing and The Split actor talks about hosting the 2022 Wave Awards – dubbed the Oscars of the cruise industry – and reveals why the Caribbean is on his bucket list, as well his plans for a holiday with the boys.

What did you think of the Wave Awards?
It was a really lovely evening and there was a very friendly feeling in the room. Everyone seemed to know each other and they also genuinely liked one another. Tonight was ideal because people were respectful and at the same time had lots of energy.

How did the Wave Awards compare with other events you’ve hosted?
It was a delight. Sometimes you get very reverential audiences who sit there in total silence, at other times people are overly-competitive which takes the fun out of it, and elsewhere you get people up on tables throwing buns at each other. As an industry, this was the perfect mix.

The Caribbean is one of the most popular cruise destinations, and is on Stephen's 'must-visit' list. Credit: Shutterstock

Where is your next holiday?
I’m going on a ski holiday in Val-d'Isère, early next year. I’m travelling with eight friends on a boys’ holiday, as one of them has a place out there. I haven’t skied in 25 years so might find myself in traction for most of 2023! Sorry I’m not going on a cruise, maybe next time.

Where is your dream cruise destination?

The Caribbean. It’s warm, with beautiful beaches and plenty of activities such as scuba diving and paragliding. I like an active holiday and being busy, but I also like to relax on a lounger with a drink or two, so that would be perfect.

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Who would be your ideal cruise holiday companion?
I’d take Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith. They’d have anecdotes aplenty to keep us laughing throughout our time at sea.

Would you host the Wave Awards again?

Totally! Tonight has been a joy and congratulations to all the winners.

Stephen Mangan was speaking to David Sanders and Rachel Poultney. To view the full list of 2022 Wave Award winners, please click here.

The London born entertainer had a blast hosting the 'Oscars of the cruise industry.' Credit: AG Studios
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