Far East Cruises

Rich culture, stunning landscapes, outstanding beaches, and flavoursome cuisine – nothing comes close to the captivating experiences that await travellers in the Far East.

Radiant with historical splendour and adorned with a proud heritage, the Far East remains one of the globe’s most vibrant regions. Hoping for adventure or to explore an entirely new culture? The Far East has you covered!

From gently swaying palm trees that border impossibly pristine white sands, intricate floating villages that pepper ancient rivers, and sweeping rice paddies, to lagoons that teem with exotic wildlife, and spectacular temples laced with mythical enigma - the Far East has it all.

Then there’s the food. Lavish street cooking and indulgent eastern cuisine bring a piece of divinity to earth, with vivid flavours and succulent dishes that appeal to all tastes and preferences. If you prefer fine dining over street food, Eastern chefs will blow you away with native dishes that capture the spirit of Far Eastern adventure.

The region offers exhilarating adventure for families, couples, solo travellers, and groups – the jungles, wildlife, and mountains await!

For those seeking relaxation, the rich interiors and amenities of visitor attractions ashore will bring a sense of calm, while the coastal regions offer lasting romantic beauty. The Far East is truly a location for those who wish to absorb a new culture, and return home refreshed, relaxed, and with a new outlook on life.

Why cruise Far East

The Far East is a destination of well-known culture, hidden gems, and respected traditions. A vast area that’s been explored by many, this is still a relatively new destination for modern cruises – making it the perfect way to discover the diverse scenery and sample the wide variety of cultures on offer.

The tropical climate of the Far East means that the best time to plan your trip is between late October and February. The Far East has always been a popular destination for cruises, and you’ll be spoiled for choice when booking winter/spring sailings.

Various key ports of call and sites of interest are available, including Hong Kong, and Bangkok. However, those looking for a truly authentic Far Eastern cruise holiday should try to find a cruise that incorporates Manila. You won't be disappointed!

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Iconic ports


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Hong Kong

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Iconic ports in the Far East


Bangkok hits your senses harder than extra chillies on a bowl of Gaeng Tai Pla. Effortlessly intertwining the old and new, Bangkok offers centuries-old Buddhist temples and characterful tuk-tuk rickshaws alongside glistening rooftop bars and lustrous skyscrapers. No other city on earth provides such an alluring cultural feast. Arriving at this impressive city on a cruise ship is perfect for those who wish to experience all that Bangkok offers without being landlocked. The city has two cruise ports. Larger ships will dock at the port of Laem Chabang which is a 90-minute transfer to the city, but smaller vessels can dock upon the Chao Phraya River at Klong Toey, a 30-minute drive away.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a big dollop of frenetic energy that must be experienced to be believed. Home to more than seven million people and more skyscrapers than any other city on earth, Hong Kong crafts a stunning equilibrium with ancient monasteries, peaceful fishing villages, and soothing green spaces to relax the mind when you need a break from the chaos. By exploring Hong Kong from every angle, from stunning skylines and breathtaking landscapes to unforgettable foodie encounters and hospitality, you’ll enjoy authentic local culture in the spiritual urban jungle. Dissected by the historic Victoria Harbour, studded with tiny wooden sampan boats, you are never far from a daily reminder of Hong Kong’s rich seafaring past.


Singapore is not just the world’s only sovereign island city-state, but also one of the most exciting cruising destinations in Southeast Asia. The nation’s contemporary identity as a city-island hybrid stems from its history as a colonial trading port, but is now complimented by an amalgamation of multiracial influences that allows Singapore’s diverse culture to thrive. Singapore’s rich multiculturalism is a top selling point, attracting visitors from all over the globe who are keen to explore the island’s divergent neighbourhoods, colourful heritage, and ornate temples. The island landscape is as varied as the culture, providing a unique and memorable cruise that will revitalise the soul and pluck the tangy strings of your heart.


Manila might not rank as highly as the likes of Hong Kong or Bangkok when it comes to popular ports for an Asian cruise, but the Philippines’ metropolis adds an exciting and dynamic Far Eastern destination that shouldn’t be overlooked. Manila boasts of a storied past that revolves heavily around World War II and has since regained footing as a city teeming with urban cool, historic sites, fine dining, and museums. Visitors will discover the city’s rich history and Spanish colonial past, which is still visible on the teeming modern streets, complete with cultural centres, bars, clubs, and restaurants. This is truly the city that never sleeps.

Best cruising experiences in the Far East

Indulge in Bangkok's Nightlife

There's a fantastic level of vibrant and exciting nightlife on offer to travellers in Bangkok. From high-flying cocktail bars with sweeping views of the urban jungle to unique theatrical shows, chic clubs, and thrilling neon-lit rickshaw tours, Bangkok's nightlife is as varied and thriving as the city itself. Any discussion of nightlife can't ignore the party scene on Khao San Road. Once the sun sets, Thailand's celebrated metropolis comes to life and every niche is catered for.

Experience Manila's Living History

Manila possess enough antiquity to make historians stop in their tracks. The city has been plagued by invasion and war, with destruction and rapid development crafting a fine blend of chaos and ambition where a grand colonial city once stood. Once a trading port for the Spanish before being claimed by North Americans, Manila flourished with affluence. The city suffered during WWII, but now this broken past rests scattered across the city in various museums packed with shipwrecked treasures and artefacts.

Explore The Jungles

The biodiversity of the Far East's jungle regions has been millennia in the making. For explorers at heart, there's an adventure to be found on the Southern Ridges of Singapore, while those more at home on a guided tour can discover some of Bangkok's beautiful natural spaces on a bike tour through Benjakitti Park. Hong Kong offers a different jungle, made of concrete, for urban explorers keen to expand their cultural knowledge, although the MacLehosa Trail will take you out of the city and towards the craggy mountains.

Taste The Cuisine

Whichever nation you opt for on your Far Eastern cruise, you can guarantee an explosion of vast flavours courtesy of the local cuisine. From Ban mi baguettes crammed with tender meat or prawns, soy sauce, pickled vegetables and chillies, to fragrant pho noodle broths zinging with zesty lime - ingredients are super fresh and the array of piquancy available will suit all tastes. The rivalry between street food vendors keeps standards incredibly high, while the hospitality from vendors remains second-to-none.

Hike A Volcano

You can enjoy panoramic views of the Taal Volcano and lake after a scenic transfer from Manila. Located along the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Taal Volcano is often described as 'an island within a lake within an island within a lake' due to its unique geological formation. Considered one of the world's most active volcanos, thrill seekers can hike to the top with a guided tour. This expedition isn't for the faint-hearted, but the experience will stay with you forever.

Go Temple Hopping

While there's certainly no shortage of temples to be found in the Far East, no two are the same. Whether carved into the ancient rock and decorated with elaborately intricate etchings and symbols, or gilded with silver and gold, nothing connects you to the rich spirituality and ancient regional history quite like watching the sunrise or sunset over these iconic monuments. The mantra from centuries worth of prayer and devoted religious practice will become etched into your mind.

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