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A view from the ship: Avalon Waterways presents the most beautiful views of Europe

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Avalon Waterways knows how to capture the very best of Europe – from views while sailing to immersive time in ports

On a deep navy-blue wall in the heart of Amsterdam hangs an organic, if not somewhat lopsided, oil painting of a vase of sunflowers. These are perhaps the most famous sunflowers in the world. They’re framed in an elegant carved wooden frame, a window into the creative genius of Vincent Van Gogh.

Visitors to the Van Gogh Museum can gaze, enthralled, at this striking image for hours. Now imagine sailing through Europe’s wonderful landscapes onboard an Avalon Waterways’ river cruise; your own elegant frame to the timeless beauty and splendour of our continent.

A river cruise truly is the best lens through which to view Europe’s wine valleys and medieval old towns. These are the sights that have inspired so many great masters, the sounds that have stirred the souls of Europe’s influential philosophers, the smells and flavours that have inspired a continent of culinary creativity.

And, as every gallery curator or private collector knows, the frame is as important to the image as the scene committed to canvas, which is why an Avalon Waterways river cruise is the way to see Europe

The food onboard Avalon Waterways is worth writing home about. Credit: Avalon Waterways

All the best views covered
Avalon Waterways’ 14 European ships are based throughout the continent’s favourite rivers, from the Rhine to the Danube in the heart of mainland Europe, to the waterways of Belgium and the Netherlands to the north.

Itineraries stretch from the celebrated wine valleys of central France to the heart of old imperial Europe in Austria, Hungary and Romania.

For the best cityscapes, a sailing through Budapest has got to be on the cards. Hungary’s gothic parliament edifice even gives Westminster a run for its money as the most iconic riverfront parliament in the world.

If it is impressionist landscapes of sweeping wine valleys and charmingly rustic villages that draw you in, then consider a voyage along the Rhone in the south of France, or the Rhine in southern Germany.

For windmills and vast sweeping landscapes, it’s the northern waters of the Netherlands that will paint a picture in your mind that will stay with you long beyond the duration of your cruise.

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Avalon Waterways’ suite ships are the ultimate frame
If you want to see Europe – and we really mean see Europe – then you need to be on an Avalon Waterways suite ship. From the comfort of your luxurious panorama suite, you’ll enjoy the widest opening windows in the industry.

And yes, you read that right – your window opens. It’s a small detail, but oh-my does it make a big difference. Breathe in the fresh scents of wildflower meadows as you sail serenely through vistas gorgeous enough to hang in Le Louvre. There’s only one European river cruise line with an open-air balcony – it’s called Avalon Waterways.

Around the ship, all the lounge venues have been designed to perfectly frame the surroundings, from the open top Sky Deck to the appropriately titled Panorama Bistro, Lounge and Bar. Light floods the ship’s bright and airy interiors and positively pulls the spectacular scenery into the lounge with you.

Experience the Danube onboard Riviera Radiance. Credit: Shutterstock

A step deeper ashore
When you pull into port, your Avalon Waterways window on the world opens further and invites you to step ashore and explore, with a remarkable range of shore excursions, designed for all styles of cruiser.

Whether you’re feeling like an active day of hiking and cycling, or a refined day of cultural immersion fuelled with local food and wine, the Avalon Waterways menu of tour options ensures that every moment of your luxurious river getaway is a memory worth framing and displaying in your living room when you get home.

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