Is Stornoway ready for an influx of cruise ship tourists? Credit: Shutterstock

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Could you live on a cruise ship?
Holidaying on a cruise ship is great but living on one is even better – especially when you consider that it could be more affordable than the rent or mortgage you’re paying on land. Little wonder then that cruise lines are reporting a growing trend in passengers living permanently at sea. Fancy following in their footsteps and turning your life into one long cruise? Gillian Carmoodie has the lowdown on how you can live the suite life on the high seas.

Witch hunt victim or maritime criminal? Helen Duncan’s story
The last person to be convicted under the Witchcraft Act of 1735, Perthshire mother-of-six Helen Duncan, predicted the sinking of Royal Navy warship HMS Barham before the news was made public. Dubbed Hellish Nell, Duncan was branded a traitor and jailed for nine months. Calum Brown revisits her astounding story.

Is Stornoway ready for an influx of cruise ship tourists?
Stornoway on the Scottish Isle of Lewis has long been a destination for smaller vessels, but now it’s open to cruise ships, too. Opened on 1 April, a new deep- water terminal allows up to 1,200 passengers to disembark at once, sparking concerns that the island will be swamped with visitors. Calum Brown investigates.

Introducing the World of Cruising podcast...we'll be in your in your ears soon! Credit: Jonathon Heather

1. Screen and stage star Whoopi Goldberg is now a cruise ship godmother.

2.World of Cruising’s new podcast is packed with cruise news, views and ship reviews.

3. Could you afford a first-class ticket aboard RMS Titanic?

4. Find out how vigilante action saved 571 souls from tragedy aboard MTS Oceanos.

5. Get the low-down on cruising with mobility challenges.

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