Why choose Marina Bay Cruise Centre (MCCS)

immerse yourself from the moment you step into The Marina Bay Cruise Centre, drawing cruisers with the dynamic ambiance that lies beyond. Hosting cruise lines like Princess Cruises and Costa Cruises, disembarking is easy, allowing immediate exploration of the likes of Marina Bay Sands SkyPark where they can stroll along the observation deck, marveling at the breathtaking vistas or take a dip in the world's highest and longest infinity pool, creating an unforgettable experience against the backdrop of Singapore's glittering cityscape. Located in Marina Bay, guests can delve into the city's diverse culture with ease. Embark on excursions to Gardens by the Bay, marveling at futuristic gardens, or wander through vibrant Chinatown for a taste of local life. Expect seamless transitions from ship to shore, promising unforgettable adventures in the heart of Singapore.

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Nestled in the heart of Marina Bay, the Marina Bay Cruise Centre offers access to Singapore's eclectic attractions. Cruise guests can explore the futuristic Gardens by the Bay, admiring towering Supertrees and lush greenery. Alternatively, delve into the city's rich cultural heritage with a visit to the vibrant neighborhoods of Little India or Kampong Glam. Expect a sensory journey filled with tantalizing aromas, vibrant colors, and the warmth of Singapore's friendly locals.

With a history steeped in maritime trade, the Marina Bay Cruise Centre offers a glimpse into Singapore's bustling port heritage. Explore nearby landmarks such as the historic Raffles Hotel, where colonial charm meets modern luxury. Dive into the city's multicultural tapestry with visits to bustling markets and serene temples, where the sights, sounds, and flavors of Singapore come alive.