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Cruising solo tips: How to make the most of your cruise alone

Author: Susan Johnson

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Solo cruises are popular among people for a number of reasons. What can you do if your usual cruise companions are indisposed or aren’t quite ready for another voyage? You might as well take up the opportunity to travel solo. Here’s how.

Solo cruises are very much a thing, and are on the rise.

Many major cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean have added staterooms to their ships to accommodate solo guests without a supplement fee so travelling alone no longer has to be a pricey affair.

So, there is no better time than now to book yourself a solo voyage; think of it as an opportunity to go to places that make you feel the most comfortable.

Here are some helpful solo cruising tips to keep in mind.

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Look for solo cabins

Cruise lines feature a wide variety of cabins that adapt to passengers' wants and needs. The latest common addition to their offerings are staterooms tailored for solo travellers.

Though the rooms are a bit smaller, you don’t have to pay for a full-size room while another great benefit is that you don’t have to pay the single-traveller supplement, which is like paying for two tickets, so the financial perks here are obvious!

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Treat yourself

If you can, spend some money on making your solo cruising experience even more valuable and memorable. Of course, you might not want to splurge on foolish purchases, but you shouldn’t hesitate to spend a little money on things you really want either.

So why not go on that excursion, have that massage, or buy that drink you otherwise wouldn’t?

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Talk to the crew

Solo cruises can sometimes be tough and isolating, but that is if you let them be. Why not go forward and interact with the other guests and crew members on board?

While starting a conversation can be daunting, it is worth a try.

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Even if you are unsure about the guests, make sure you take some time to chat with the crew. They are friendly to all guests. And a bonus is that you might get some insider tips and tricks for the ports you are visiting.

The crew members might give their opinions of other cruise journeys and ports you haven’t had the opportunity to visit yet.

Talk to the crew for inside information on the ship and various ports. Credit: Shutterstock

Beat your own drum

When you are cruising with others, you might be occasionally obligated to walk the same path as them. However, cruising solo means you are your own boss. You can do whatever you want whenever you want. So, be a little selfish and do those things that bring you joy.

Not in the mood for a big day at the port? Stay on board and enjoy some quality time near the pool. Choosing your own adventure might initially feel unusual, but you will get used to it quickly, and then you will love it.

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Take a class or a tour

You are travelling solo which means you have enough time on your hand to take part in activities that you might not have done if you had others with you.

So, stay alert for opportunities to join one of the cooking classes or book a tour around the inner workings of the vessel. These activities can make your voyage rewarding and fascinating.

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