Ambassador Cruise Line has launched the second vessel in its fleet, Ambition. Credit: Ambassador Cruise Line

Special guests at sea: Ambassador Cruise Line invites keynote speakers for special events

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Select sailings on Britain’s premium value line feature hosted ‘in conversation with’ events with special interest speakers and guest stars

Cruising isn’t just about the places you visit, it’s about the people you meet on the way. And so many incredible friendships have blossomed out of chance meetings on board ships.

Well, Ambassador Cruise Line – the British line that specialises in no-fly voyages from ports around the UK – has a line-up of very special guests this year.

And meeting celebrities onboard cruises is a much more personal way to mingle with the stars. Far from the rushed book-signing experience of your local town hall, sailing along with special star guests gives you ample opportunity to engage fascinating stars in interesting conversations in the most personal and down-to-earth manner.

Say hi to a musical star over breakfast, get into a chat on the gangway with a renowned international journalist, enjoy a drink in the bar with a X Factor winner, or go on a casual walk around deck with a gameshow host.

It’s all possible with Ambassador Cruise Line’s brilliant line up of guest stars this year.

Sam Bailey… might want to check out the brig
The former prison officer turned X-Factor winner loves a cruise, and she’s back at sea with Ambition for an Arctic voyage to North Cape and the land of the midnight sun.

Jump on board in Newcastle and head north to Norway and look forward to a headline show lounge performance from Sam Bailey, as well as a hosted Q&A event with the cruise director and an opportunity to chat with the star in person at organised meet and greet events while sailing into the Arctic circle.

Sam has supported Beyoncé on tour, recently toured the UK as Mrs Pott in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast the Musical, and also uses her musical talents to raise awareness of autism, following her son’s diagnosis in 2020.

We’ve got to wonder whether she’s taking the trip to the arctic circle with another Disney musical in mind… Frozen, anyone?

Former X Factor winner Sam Bailey will be performing onboard Ambition. Credit: Ambassador Cruise Line

Roger Cook… has stories to share
Also heading out to explore the Arctic this summer is the legendary investigative reporter, Roger Cook. Famed for catapulting a new style of real-life television to popularity, Roger created Checkpoint in the 1970s and went on to achieve huge success across TV and radio.

This July, he’s taking to the stage on board Ambition in a hosted interview session, in addition to a further presentation and opportunities to have personal conversations through the sailing. Roger’s certainly a man with a story.

Award-winning investigative journalist, Roger Cook, will be appearing on an upcoming Ambassador cruise. Credit: Roger Cook

Richard Jones… will make your cruise magic
Maybe you’re looking for a Mediterranean cruise with a bit of a difference? You know you love the ports and want something that’s going to make this year’s holiday especially memorable. Well, Ambition’s September 16 sailing from Bristol could be just the ticket.

You’ll be joined by Lance Corporal Richard Jones – the only magician ever to win Britain’s Got Talent and an ambassador of the British Army.

Having served with the army for 12 years before turning his hand to magic (his West End show was the biggest magic show in town), Richard’s life experience is quite the story, so it’ll be an amazing opportunity to hear it all in his own words in a hosted Q&A session… and, of course, his onboard magic show promises to be quite the spectacle too.

Britain's Got Talent winner, Richard Jones, still has the magic touch. Credit: Ambassador Cruise Line

Nick Hewer… gives you something to countdown to
Canada in the ‘fall’ is simply mesmerising, and who better to journey with than the incredibly smart and interesting Nick Hewer (of The Apprentice and Countdown fame)? Nick will be joining Ambience as part of her ‘Grand Canada and Greenland Experience’ itinerary, departing London on September 12, 2023.

The 34-night voyage ventures across the Atlantic, with stops in Greenland before exploring the beautiful ports and scenic waterways of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Québec.

Excitingly, not only will Nick be hosted by the cruise director for an ‘in conversation with’ session, but he’ll also host a unique Celebrity Countdown show live on board for guests to enjoy.

The real question is, can you resist singing along to the countdown clock as it reaches zero? I know I can’t! Ba’dup, ba’dup, da-da-da-dup.

Nick Hewer is best known for his place next to Lord Alan Sugar on The Apprentice. Credit: Ambassador Cruise Line
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