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Inside cabin guide: Everything you need to know about inside cabins

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Inside cabins on cruise ships might well be among the best rooms you could stay in, although they do get a bad rep. If bagging a bargain in one can make the difference between taking to the seas or staying on dry land, then here is what you should do.

Is an inside cabin on a cruise OK? Will it really save you money? The simple answer to both is, yes.

Inside cabins on cruise ships offer fantastic value for people who wish to get the most out of the destinations on offer as well as the ship facilities.

To get a great deal on a cabin, you should ideally book early. Sometimes, you might be able to grab good deals last minute but sometimes there might be only upgraded cabins left, which can be more expensive than the normal ones.

Furthermore, location makes all the difference when it comes to the best inside cabin experience. Regardless of the cabin and ship you choose, midship is the right place to be.

However, if you are looking to get another bargain, book an inside cabin on guarantee status. They tend to be cheaper, but you get no control over the cabin location. On the flip side, the cruise line guarantees you an inside cabin or higher, so the chances are you might receive an upgrade.

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What is an inside cabin of a cruise ship?

An inside cabin is a stateroom located midship, with no windows or balcony. For this reason, inside cabins offer no natural light. They tend to be cheaper than other cruise cabin types.

Typically, there are four main types of cruise ship cabins.

  • Inside Cabin – No windows or balcony
  • Outside Cabin – Features a window
  • Balcony Cabin – Features a balcony
  • Suite – A spacious cabin with separate living and sleeping areas

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All types of cabins except inside cabins can be thought of as outside cabins as they are located on the outside of the ship. Depending on the size of the ship, there will be two rows of outside cabins on each deck and up to five inside cabins across the middle.

The larger the ship, the more inside cabins it will have. Generally, small luxury ships have no inside cabins.

Save money with an interior cabin that still provides luxury for your nights onboard. Credit: MSC Cruises

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What is the best inside cabin on a cruise ship?


The size of inside cabins varies enormously. The biggest inside cabin of a cruise ship is the Large Interior Stateroom found onboard Holland America's Nieuw Amsterdam. It is 284 sqft large and comes at £251.56 per person. The fare is lower than its Oceanview counterpart and Balcony Stateroom, which comes at £943 per person.

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Cruise ships’ inside cabins come with a lot of perks. For instance, free ice cream and concierge lounge passes are offered in Royal Caribbean’s Ben and Jerry’s Sweet inside cabin. Norwegian Cruise Line’s Studio cabins provide access to the Studio Lounge with exclusive social events.

Carnival, on the other hand, offers unlimited spa access and priority booking for treatments with Interior Spa Cabins. If you wish to upgrade from an Interior Cabin, you will have to pay £90.71 per person. Even so, it will still be cheaper than an Oceanview room at £144.07 and a Balcony at £283.56.

Carnival also offers obstructed view cabins for a discounted rate. Credit: Shutterstock


If you are looking for a view without paying a hefty fare, choose Royal Caribbean’s Virtual Balcony Cabin or Promenade Stateroom, in which the window overlooks the Royal Promenade. Both cabins cost £97.56 per person, saving you £269.78 more than a real Balcony.

Cruise lines that offer obstructed view cabins come at a cheaper rate but allow natural light into your cabin. An obstructed view cabin on Carnival comes at just £95.26 per person.

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If you’re looking to keep little ones happy while not breaking the bank, the inside cabins aboard Disney Cruise Line ships Fantasy and Disney Dream feature Magical Portholes that displays a projection of the ocean with an occasional Disney character floating past. The cabin will save you a significant amount compared to having an actual porthole in your cabin.


If you wish to get a luxurious experience but are watching your budget, interior staterooms like the ones aboard Cunard and Azamara might prove to be an ideal option. You get to save £373.43 per person compared to an Oceanview and £741.53 compared to a Balcony on Azamara Journey.

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