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Explore the world with Oceania Cruises

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This luxury cruise line sails to a range of diverse destinations across the globe. Here’s what to expect from Oceania Cruises' variety of included tour styles…

With every excursion style, you could imagine, you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing your personalised included excursions with Oceania Cruises.

Searching for a quick getaway closer to your doorstep? Why not discover the rugged beauty of the Giant’s Causeway on a cruise around Ireland? Or for a far-flung travel experience, head to New Zealand to uncover Maori artefacts, and marvel at the Waitomo Caves illuminated by mysterious glow worms.

Make the most of your holiday by combining fascinating destinations with the perfect excursion to mirror your interests and tastes.

Thanks to its OLife Choice amenity programme, you can take advantage of up to eight included excursions on every cruise with Oceania Cruises. From leisurely strolls to action-packed activities, you can choose the perfect excursion for you, allowing you to explore the wonders of the world your own pace.

Here’s a taster of what you could experience on Oceania Cruises' different shore excursion types…

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Beyond Blueprints

The Beyond Blueprints tours offer a rare and in-depth look behind the scenes at some of the world’s most iconic architectural landmarks such as The Royal Library and The Blue Planet aquarium in Copenhagen, Denmark; the Equinor office building and the Munchmuseet in Oslo, Norway; and La Villa Mediterranée and MUCEM Marseille, France.

In Rome, Oceania Cruises offers an architectural half-day walking tour of the ancient city.

Be intrigued by the cloud-like structure in La Nuvola centre before an expert historian guides you through Italy’s first national contemporary art museum.

Also, gain a fascinating insight into the transformed Parco Della Musica Auditorium, and find out why this impressive building had to be dramatically modified after exciting findings.

Oceania Cruises offers an architectural half-day walking tour of the legendary city. Credit: Oceania Cruises

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Go Green

With more than 150 Go Green tours to choose from around the globe, travellers can engage with residents and businesses to learn about how they are working to conserve and sustain their surrounding environment.

For a marine-based excursion, cruise to the port of Malaga in Spain with Oceania Cruises to see the Alboran Museum which will set the tone for the rest of the day. You’ll have the chance to explore the work done to rehabilitate injured turtles and sharks.

After a more agricultural-orientated experience in Malaga? Take a scenic stroll through an eco-friendly citrus orchard – and learn about sustainable agriculture's benefits.

Don’t worry: you won’t walk away from the farm without tasting some of the locally sourced and organic produce.

Amongst the beautiful landscapes of Malaga you can see the work done to rehabilitate injured turtles and sharks. Credit: Shutterstock

Culinary Discovery tours

Offering an insider’s experience of the local culinary scene and the secrets of authentic regional cuisine during your day ashore, Oceania Cruises’ Culinary Discovery tours are always hugely popular.

Go ashore with your knowledgeable chef guide, tour colourful traditional markets, dine at renowned restaurants and then hone your skills using locally sourced ingredients back on board at The Culinary Center.

In Greece, an expert chef will teach you how to cook up a storm in Corfu.

Navigate local markets and cheesemongers in the Old Town to gather produce for your onboard cookery class, while sampling wares handed out by the welcoming vendors along the way.

Oceania cruises not only offers you amazing food on board but also gives you the opportunity to go on a Culinary Discovery tour. Credit: Oceania Cruises

Go Local tours

These exclusive small-batch tours go beyond the tourist sites and embed guests in the fabric of local communities.

Guests will experience destinations on an entirely new level where they are welcomed into local homes and businesses and immersed into their way of life.

Whilst in the Netherlands, spend half a day in Amsterdam and pay a visit to Edam to learn the history of their cheese making.

A cultural visit can also be made during this tour where you can hear about everyday life in this special part of the world. Discuss this over a coffee and a chat with a local family from the comforts of their traditional Dutch home.

You can visit Amsterdam's beautiful traditional 16th-century architecture. Credit: Shutterstock

Wellness Discovery tours by Aquamar

Enjoy Oceania Cruises’ exclusive collection of more than 50 wellness and healthy living tours to nourish your mind, body and spirit in hand-picked locales across Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and beyond.

Whilst in the Mediterranean, the birthplace of the celebrated Mediterranean diet, take time to hit hitting the reset button and tapping into rejuvenating highlighted on one of the Wellness Discovery tours.

Try tai chi in tranquil French gardens, learn all about the benefits of apitherapy at a beekeeping farm in the Andalusian countryside, or discover local culinary traditions at an organic farm in Greece and much more.

So, with a pace to suit everyone, countless destinations on offer and more riveting experiences than you could ever imagine, travelling with Oceania Cruises will allow you to dive deep into global cultures, foods and attractions, whatever your interests.

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